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I know we’ve said it a lot over the past several months, but we reached a milestone today that really drives home the point that the 787 Dreamliner is the most successful program launch in commercial aviation history.

A follow-on order from Japan Airlines (JAL) has pushed the program over 500 orders. It’s just never been done before in a new program at this point in its history.


You can see how the Dreamliner stacks up compared to other airplane launches at this same point in their programs.

Reaching 500+ orders in less than three years, before the Dreamliner even takes flight, and more than a year before the first deliveries – it really says something that so many customers have endorsed this breakthrough product with so many orders.

As BCA’s president and CEO Scott Carson said today, the success of the 787 is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. And we’re just three months away now from seeing the first Dreamliner assembled.

You may have read the news that we’re rolling out the first 787 in a celebration in Everett on July 8 – or 7/8/07, as we write our dates here in the U.S. It’s going to be huge – and we’re planning on giving people all around the world a chance to join in. We’ll let you know how, as we get closer.


The Dreamliner: 43 customers, 514 orders from around the globe.

JAL’s order today is for five additional 787-8s – for a total of 35 Dreamliners on order for them. Several other unidentified customers have also booked firm orders for Dreamliners in the past several days, bringing us to the 514 firm orders from 43 customers so far.

Clearly, we made the right choice in developing the 787. And airlines around the world are making a great choice for the environment, for their fleets, their bottom line, and for the way people want to travel – point to point, and nonstop.

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Gary Glover (Sydney Australia):

If you think the 787 has sold well just wait 'til you see the 737 replacement

G (France):

787 is a good number, isn't it? Why don't you try to achieve 787 orders before 787's first commercial flight? You have more than a year to get there ;-)

David Aguirre Grazio (Tucuman, Argentina (AR)):

I'm a 737NG fan. Really congratulations!! I cannot wait to have the 787 ready in the profs. flight simulators. :)

TW (Maryland, USA):

Congrats to Boeing and all their customers on this beauty. Can't wait to see the roll-out and first flight of 787. Any chance first flight will be 07-Aug-2007 (7-8-07 for the rest of the world's calendar )?

Chris Gibson (Australia):

Gee wiz Randy, 500+ orders! Not bad for a "Chinese copy" of the A330. You would think that the “Super Salesman” would a least acknowledge that Boeing had got it right.

sebastien Toussaint (miami, fl 33133):

I think innovation without sacrificing fuel economy, is always going to be a winner. I hope they can drastically give the next generation of 737's a new form (futuristic) body and at the same time have better fuel economy.
Just like "APPLE inc" Boeing should innovate itself through tough times.

Avijeet Satapathy (Mumbai, India):

And Boeing does it yet again !!!

I'm surprised how do you people manage to get so much aircraft orders, i wish Indian Airlines and Air India would manage to get that much loads in most of their flights !!

Great work, must say....Hats off !!! Awaiting to fly the perfectly called 'Dreamliner.'

Gopal Shenoy (Grafton, MA):

Awesome. I am already looking forward to my first flight on the 787. I knew that Airbus had it all wrong when they went for Super Jumbo. I would not want to be on a plane with another 500-600 people. I want to get there fast, non-stop and on smaller planes. The 777 itself is awesome, can't wait for the 787.

Jake Megrikian (Los Angeles, California, USA):

I cannot wait to see the 787. Thank you BOEING for another great plane. This plane takes air travel to a completely different dimension.

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