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I think Randy Baseler had it exactly right. Magical Mystery Tour it is. In so many ways.

As I find myself stepping into some big shoes, this tour is just beginning for me. And it’s certainly an odd thing to read that I’ve already earned a number of nicknames: Randy T., Randy #2, Randy-Next Generation, Randy-8, and my personal favorite, Randy 2.0.

One guy even suggested here in the comments that we have an eating contest and foot race to see how the fuel capacity and range of “Randy NG” compare to “Randy Classic.”


You say goodbye, and I say hello.

But actually, if you think about it, aside from the funny aspects, there’s some serendipity at play here too. The Randy to Randy transition coincidentally illustrates a fundamental strength of the Boeing Company. That even as things change, the basic principles remain constant.

Randy B. and I come from a different experience level for sure. But one thing we have in common is, we’ve both been around Boeing for a long time. And we both happen to believe in the strength of our products and services, and in the philosophy of providing more value to our customers. It’s an idea that has made Boeing a leader in aviation for nearly a century.

Randy Baseler spent his whole, entire career of 33 years in the Marketing department at this company. I don’t know of anyone else who’s accomplished that. He was out on the front lines in the “air wars” for a lot of years – truly flying without a net.

I, on the other hand, have traveled between several different parts of Commercial Airplanes in my career. I think I’m probably one of the few who have gone between the Marketing and Sales organizations a couple of times. So I might bring a little bit of a different perspective. Since I’m an engineer by training, I do like to crunch numbers. (But my kids still don’t let me help them with their math homework.) I like to talk about the financial parts of our business. That’s an important aspect of what our customers are concerned about.

About the blog. The response I’ve been getting has been overwhelming - from people I’ve met in the industry, people I haven’t run into in 15 or 20 years, to people that I work with every day. They all tell me how valuable they find Randy’s Journal. And how much they’ve appreciated reading it. So we’ll continue to provide the same good stuff you’re used to, and maybe a few innovations along the way. At the moment though, I’m starting to recognize just how “little” I know. The list of things we talk about is really, really, long. So I’m getting up to speed.

Right now, it all still does seem a little funny. Kind of like when the character of Darrin on the TV sitcom, Bewitched went from being played by Dick York to another actor named Dick Sargent. I won’t read too much into the fact that the series was cancelled just three years after Dick/Darrin 2 joined the show!

Oh, and another thought. I just want to make it clear. My name really is Randy – just Randy. I’ve given Randolph Baseler some good-natured grief about that in the past.

Anyway, at least one guy from Down Under found a way to tell me it will all be okay:

Farewell Randy B
We know you will be
Our Friend in the Sky
When we need to ask Why?
We welcome Randy T!

So thanks for the welcome. I’m looking forward to the conversation we’re going to have in the coming months and years!

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Saj (London, UK):

A very warm welcome Randy T!

First of all, FleetBuzz.com and I wish you every success in the blog and the future.

As you already state while things change, the basic principles remain constant. I have faith that the insight you'll provide will be nothing short of what both Boeing and Randy B would be proud of.

Having read so much about your work on the 747-8, FleetBuzz.com and I are certainly looking forward to some excellent blogging!

The benchmark has been set, and you're on par already- here's a toast wishing you the very best in the blog and your new employment role too!

Mike Williamson (Sydney, Australia):

Good Luck to both Randy's and a special welcome to Randy T. If your blog continues on as well as your first start, then I know we are all going to enjoy it for years to come. Keep it up and myself and my fellow Randys Blog fans at fleetbuzz.com will be with you all the way.

Denis S (Vienna, Virginia):

Welcome Randy 2.0:

Two Things to keep in mind:

1. You've got big shoes to fill after Randy B., and
2. Leaving Kalispell, MT was a step backward - beautiful country and lots of outdoors sports!

We all look forward to the column's continuation.

Best of Luck

Constantin B. (Germany):

Welcome Randy 2.0 ! Hope you enjoy your new task !

john magdsick (minneapolis, mn):

As an aviation enthusiast, I am fascinated by the current competition between Airbus and Boeing. I am disappointed that Airbus officials have often resorted to inuendos in a seemingly desperate effort to try to question Boeing's veracity about 787 production schedules and problems, where it seems that Boeing has been very upfront with communications, and has not engaged in senseless Airbus bashing.

One subtle tactic seems to be trying to rationalize the delay in the A380 by stating the 747 had similar delays. I have seen this in many blogs and it is even present in Wikipedia under "Boeing 747". The Centennial of Flight history of Boeing and the 747 states the 747 was indeed delivered on time to PanAm despite a 7 week delay in the initial projected rollout. A problem seems to have been discovered with the Pratt&Whitney jet engines, which delayed further deliveries until the engines could be improved. I would like to correct the Wikipedia article if this is indeed the truth, or better- someone at Boeing could insert a more accurate history in this regard.

Chris C (South Africa):

Wishing you all the best for your new role as V.P., Marketing BCA!! I am looking forward to your Blog entries over the coming years. Let’s get them 747-8 Intercontinental orders rollin’ in this year!

Mohd Roshdi Hassan (Sheffield, UK):

Click my favourite blog today and see a new face on top. Welcome Mr. Randy Jr and hope you are willing to share your knowledge to the whole world.

Dark (Vancity,BC,Canada):

Welcome RandyNG
I have been a silent reader, and will miss the Man himself Randy Classic. I look forward to being informed and entertained, and am very glad that the project continues.

Brad Fox (Michigan, USA):

Awww snap!

I just realized I don't have a shot at being Randy 3.0 (or is it Randy NNG?): I have the wrong name. :(

John (Eugene, Oregon):

Welcome to your new position Randy 2.0. Both you and Randy B had the advantage of coming from smaller Northwest towns where the living is easy and relaxed. You are off to a good start.

Hernan Saldana (Lima, Peru):

Welcome to Randy 2.0!!

I do wish you a lot of success in your new post, man! Keep the good material coming.

I, as most of the readers, can not wait for the rollout of the B-787 in July, but I can also not wait for more news about orders for the Intercontinental. Despite all the new airplanes that are flying above our heads, the 747 remains the Queen of the Skies.

Aaron Easton (Everett, WA/ Grand Forks, ND (only for another week)):

I am a avid fan of reading this blog, I am also active at Fleetbuzz.com and we enjoying debating every post. Thank you for continuing this wonderful source of information and public contact. Looking forward to some very insightful and spirited discussions here.

P.S. has anyone said whether the 787 roll out will be in anyway public, I would love to be down by the plant for that?

ian (Livermore, ca):

Randy, welcome aboard! We loved Randy classic and are looking forward to the NG version. I trust you'll keep the blog at the same well balanced levels of humor and information.

Lets get that 737-RS going ASAP and keep your eyeballs on Y3 to take on the 350-XWB-Rev. 9

Eric (Toronto, Ontario, Canada):

Good luck to both Randy-400 and Randy-8, I am looking forward to more 747-8i orders!

Albert Nissim (Fort Lee, NJ, USA):

Don't worry about the math homework as you are in same boat with most other math cognizant dads. My kids, and now grand children shut me out after 5th grade, and I must admit that I sometimes simply don't understand what they are supposed to be doing. However, my calculations are still relied on to buy or sell Boeings.

Jun Leido (Manila, Philippines):

Randy, welcome and we're happy to have you around. I'll surely miss Mr. Baseler - and without prejudice to you, I asked him to stay onboard until Airbus finally define the A350 or get the A380 into active service.

Tim (Baltimore):

Welcome aboard.
Randy # 1 must be fly fishing now or kicking back with his cowboy boots on enjoying life, and he deserves it after 33 years at Boeing.

Randy 2.0 ? is there any new news on the 747-8I ? has the config been firmed up yet ?.
What are some of the tech tweaks of the wings and other tweaks compared to the 747-400 will we see ?
Most of us Aviation geeks already know of the major changes of the 747-8I, the stretch, the wing twist, new systems, but, what other goodies will go into the 747-8I that you are allowed to tell us.
Anyway, welcome aboard Randy 2.0 and enjoy the flight.

Mark (Los Angeles, CA):

Welcome Randy T. I look forward to our future conversations!

K Lee (Virginia):

Thank you for continuing the blog tradition that Randy Baseler started for Boeing. Over the years, Randy has provided us with an insider's view at Boeing (always with I smile I imagine) and given us many an insight into the competition and market that would otherwise be a mystery to many.

While your readers (myself included) may miss the Randy we already know and trust, your background, Randy, if I may call you that, : ^ ) tells me that we are in for a great blog.

Thank you for taking the reins!

Jun Leido (Manila, Philippines):

Randy, do you think you can send us a good presentation on how much differentiation is between the 747-8i, 777 and the 787.

May this include seat-mile costs, cash operating costs per seat and per trip. Like why would an airline pick the specific model for their mission rules?

Any hints too on who the new -8i customer will be?

Tim Hanssen (Nijmegen Gelderland the Netherlands):

Welcome Randy 2.0 we already miss Randy 1.0 but we looked forward to read you new blog! So welcome to your blog.!

G (France):

Dear Mr. T,
We hope you will announce more 747-8i orders soon!

Dave S (Rome Italy):

I'm glad that Boeing decided to keep this blog and that you are writing to us now. I look forward to many more comfortable rides on Boeing aircaft, and look forward to the 787 next year and 748 soon after.

Sherry (Beijing China):

Welcome Randy NG! We hope the Boeing Company will reach more orders.Boeing aircraft is the best airplane of the world, I think.

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