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This coming week is going to be exceptional for more than just the obvious reason.

As part of the 787 “rollout” on July 8, starting today we’re releasing one video a day, leading up to the big event. It’s something we’re calling the Seven Series.


Click on the image to go to the site.

These one or two minute streaming videos celebrate the Boeing family of airplanes - starting with the 707’s debut back in 1958 right up through the 787.

The series begins with “707,” and culminates July 8, of course, with “787.”

You can watch the videos here. Check back each day for the latest one.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve matched the airplane models to the dates - as we write them here in the U.S., because of the unique circumstance of the dates matching our airplanes perfectly this year. So, the 737 video, for instance, rolls on July 3, or 7/3, and of course the final video will roll on July 8, or 7/8/7.

Here’s the schedule for the Seven Series videos:

  • 707 – June 30
  • 717 – July 1
  • 727 – July 2
  • 737 – July 3
  • 747 – July 4
  • 757 – July 5
  • 767 – July 6
  • 777 – July 7
  • 787 – July 8

I’ve been in Bangkok, Thailand this past week, and wouldn’t you know that someone asked me during the trip why Boeing numbers its airplanes starting with 7. Is it because 7 is a lucky number? Well, it has certainly been lucky, but read the whole story behind the origin of the “7” Series here.

By the way, my favorite Seven Series airplane is the 757. It’s the first airplane program I worked on when I joined Boeing. What’s your favorite?

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Saj (London, UK):

I take this opportunity to raise a glass to the people across the globe who've worked on all Boeing jetliners.

The 787 represents the future of integrating the best in the industry from the world, working together to build a new family of airplanes for the 21st century and beyond.

Sunday will be historic beyond belief.

As for a favourite 7, well- its the plane whose current variants have virtually no rival, and the Earth's biggest twin.

The 777.

Raphael (Grenoble, France):

What happens after you've run out of 7-7 number though? you've still got 797 available, and then that's it!

Admittedly the problem won't arise anytime soon, but have you got any thoughts on the subject?

Chris C (South Africa):

Without a shadow of doubt, the phenomenal Boeing 747 is my favourite airplane family! Every single 747 variant is amazing, but the one variant that will always be special to me, even with the advent of the super-capable and ultra-efficient 747-8, is the ‘ageless’ 747-400! Simply a superb and spectacular airplane the –400. What truly is amazing with the new 747-8 is that even though she technically is a derivative, or evolution, of the venerable 747-400, I believe she is virtually an all-new airplane ‘disguised’ in the 747 form.

With the best operating economics, most fuel-efficient and quietest design, fastest cruise speed and un-parallel capabilities in the ultra-large commercial airplane arena, she crushes the opposition and the 747 will forever hold the mantle as “The Queen of the Skies!” Way to go Boeing, you guys build the finest airplanes in the world, and the best airplanes for our world’s needs.

Lester (Riverside, CA):

Although its hard to argue the merits of the 747 and 777, my favorite 7-series Boeing airplane is the 767. I like this jet because it offers the comfort of a larger widebody, with the intimacy of a smaller plane but with two aisles. Easy on - easy off, and never feeling too crowded. I believe this plane also revolutionized long-range twin-engine flying, spawning off competitors as well of some of Boeing's own products - a la 777 and 787. If I had a choice of planes to fly anywhere, it would always be the 767, with the new signature interior.

Theoden (Saline, MI USA):

The 757-200 and its beastly takeoff performance are my favorite. Also, I like the way it looks standing high off the ground with its massive engines and slender fuselage. It’s an amazing plane that has found new life crossing the Atlantic; in fact my last flight was BRU-DTW on this magnificent machine!

Mark (Los Angeles, CA):

I'm torn between the 747 and the 777. I love the graceful lines of the 747 and the power of the 777.

Trent Nickson (Dublin, Ireland):

My favourite is the 737 series! For some reason I was captivated by the 737-200 when I was a kid and since then thoroughly enjoy flying on the aircraft (esp the 737-838!).

Marko (Serbia):

727 is definitely my favorite!! I grew up in Belgrade, Serbia (back then it was Yugoslavia) watching and later flying that beautiful birds owned by local airlines JAT and Aviogenex as well as other airlines! And I'm also proud and at the same time very sad because Belgrade was the last place in Europe where, until 2005, you could fly on a passenger 727 (Aviogenex, 22702/1814, YU-AKM).

757s are definitely the sexiest! :)

Ethan (Seattle, WA):

I was really impressed by the video some fans put together. . it's really well done showing the major construction milestones of first 787:

Bill (Miami, FL):

My absolute favorite has to be the 757. I worked as a gate agent for Eastern Air Lines from 1981 to 1987 and was fortunate enough to hitch a ride aboard one of the first revenue 757 flights in January of 1983. That was one of the most memorable events of my entire career, definitely a highlight!

I'm sure everyone will be just as excited about the 787 as we were about the 757 way back then.

G (France):

On 07/05/07 there are 687 orders (642 firm, 45 pending).
You only need to firm those 45 commitments, get 100 firm orders and Voilà!

Sherry (Beijing,China):

I'm a die-hard fan of 777. I love the distance and the graceful lines of 777.

David (New York, NY, USA):

These "7 Series" videos are great. My favourite - again, since I flew on these so much as a kid in Europe - is the 737. Although I'll never forget the time we were lucky enough to fly from England to Los Angeles in first class on a 747 - that upstairs section blew my 8-year-old mind!

Randy, have you ever come across an art project called "One Thousand Paintings" by a Swiss artist called Sala? They're just lovely simple paintings of the numbers 1 through 1000 - and of course include 727, 737, 747, etc. They're very beautiful paintings!

Errol Wöbcke (Sydney NSW Australia):

The twin-aisle 767 - stable, quiet, roomy, no poor seats - regardless of sector length remains for me as good as it gets. I've stayed an extra day at LHR to fly it to JFK. But then there's not a Boeing - and in 40+ years I think I've flown every variant of every model - that I can fault.

The only feature of that other company's twin-aisle offerings I appreciate is the 2-4-2 seating.

I am standing here with one foot in the air waiting for the 787 music to start - the most 'new' ship since Pratt's JT3D blew smoke - so maybe a review will be necessary.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

My favorite airliner is the B777, I have followed the
project since the begining. I've known from the start
that the 777 was meant to fill the gap between the
B767-300 and the B747-400, but since both jets are
nearing the end of there production cycle, the plane
still has a long term future in production particularly the B777-300ER, my favorite type.

When I was in high school I saw a program on PBS
documenting the initial production and testing of the
777, the most dramatic moments of the program was the
wing bend stress test where the wing withstood over
150 percent of the designed wing load, and the max
RTO test where the plane was fully loaded, the brakes
worn down,and the plane was going over 220 MPH on the runway,and the plane came to a stop safely, though
the brakes were on fire, the tires deflated safely,
the plane did not catch on fire, and the tires did not
explode, the same cannot be said about the A340-600 on the tires.

I watched the rollout of the B787 live with live streaming from the Boeing website, I cant wait till
the 787 makes its first flight.

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