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The first 787 Dreamliner is now ready, and waiting in the wings, just hours away from its Premiere on the world stage. I have to say it’s hard to believe we are finally at this moment.

Hundreds of media from around the globe have converged here in the Seattle area. Thousands of people will witness the debut in person, and tens of millions will be watching from home or from any number of remote site events worldwide.


The first Dreamliner rolling into the paint hangar.

It’s a moment we’ve anticipated and worked very hard towards for the past several years. And I think everyone at Boeing, and in particular the men and women on the 787 Program, can be very proud of what they’ve accomplished.


A new airplane gets a lot of TLC.

So I wanted to share with you these latest photos of the Dreamliner in our version of “backstage” - getting ready for the big closeup.


Just the first of many, many 787 Dreamliners to come.

I’ll talk with you after the Premiere, as we look forward to the next exciting milestones.

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Ken (Vancouver,B.C.):

I, like thousands of others around the world have waited for this moment for years, we all know the leap in technology that this aircraft represents will change aviation forever, and will serve as the iconic symbol of aviation's next giant leap.

The general public in most cases won't care what the plane is made of, and will only care if they get where they want to go in the quickest possible manner, and with luggage there to meet them. Boeing has done an exemplary job of involving the aviation community, and I hope that continues with the travelling public, who will benefit from the many technological advances the plane will bring to the market.

Only when this beauty takes to the air and begins revenue service will the travelling public really become aware of the advances made in aircraft construction and the benefits they will enjoy.

Congratulations to everyone at Boeing for a milestone in aviation, a true game changer in every sense of the word.

Saj (London, UK):

Fantastic taster for tomorrow!

Appreciate you sharing them Randy- its a treat for sure!

Hope you all enjoy the roll out Sunday- the world is watching you!

3 Cheers!

G (France):

The caption of one of the pictures is "A new airplane gets a lot of TLC."

What's "TLC"?


That's Tender Loving Care!

- Randy Tinseth

Chris C (South Africa):

Simply stated, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an airplane beyond superlatives! As you said Randy, a new airplane gets a lot of TLC, but moreover, the 787 is going to give the world a load of TLC with its greener, quieter, cleaner and superior airplane design.

Ty Fedak (Tempe, AZ):

I am not a Boeing employee, nor a Boeing supplier, nor an airline employee.....just a frequent flyer who enjoys airplanes.
I thoroughly enjoyed the realtime webcast, and actually choked up when I saw this beautiful 787 rolling 'on the stage'.
We should be very proud of how this program was executed- from design, to development, to manufacturing, to assembly integration, and soon to delivery.
You got two of the three D's done: Define-Develop-Deliver.

I cant wait for the last "D", so I can book a flight, no matter where it goes, just to have the experience of flying in it.

Dolfz (Hong Kong, China):

I have been doing B777 maintenance for a decade now and I just love it.

Now, I can't wait for this B787 coming to Hong Kong with its new level of maintenance. We need the plane here because of the pollution coming from mainland China.

Cheers mate!

Richard Maneschi (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia):

Thank you Randy T
Gamechanger Photography
Pleases the eye
of your Friends in the Sky
and our Friend Randy B !

Good Luck and GodSpeed for First Flight !

Robert Howell (Vancouver B.C. Canada):

Enjoyed the Roll Out ceromonies today, live from Everett and Seattle on KOMO TV.

Congratulations. Looking forward to flying on the 777 & 787's Air Canada has purchased as they replace the older 767's and the very much newer A330 & A340's.

The future looks very bright for the 787 ( and Boeing) for many years to come. I will be taking my 2 grandchildren on a tour of the Boeing plant at the end of July, perfect timing to see all the planes, especially the 787.

Had a look at the Airbus website today. I see they changed it yesterday for the weekend to tout the 350XWB and the 154 firm orders they have harvested. Lets see 677 and more to come, 787 orders to their 154 and they are still 7 years away, if they can pull it off, which I'm sure they can, but at what cost. Do they keep on giving away the A330 and A340's at cheap prices to entice new customers.

The last fiqure for the A380 whale was 167 sold and they need to sell 426 to break even. Given the cost overruns, late penalties and the probable give away prices on the last ones sold to the airlines to make up for the delays. Yes I think they can pull off the A350XWB.

Once the 787 is in service and the airlines that have ordered the A350 XWB are still waiting for their planes. I wonder how many will start to lease or jump over to the 787, if the Airbus program stumbles.

In fairness to Airbus, they do make a good product in the A320's. But the A380 program has gotten them way off track, in timing, money and misreading what is needed for the airlines. Now they are 7 years behind the 787 program. It is good for both Boeing and Airbus to compete to make a better product and both will be building planes for a long time. Unfortunately Airbus is still stuck in the starting blocks in this race, while Boeing is closing in on the finish line.

Victor Thu (Santa Clara, CA):

Congratulations to Boeing. I am truly amazed at how beautiful this airplane looks.

The live webcast was mostly good. The only exception was the streaming quality in the first 15 minutes. Afterwards, everything ran well.

I'm now looking forward to the first flight and hopefully I will be able to see it in person.

Congrats once again!

Uresh (Syosset, NY):

What a beauty!! Congrats on the first 787. I'm hoping to fly one soon.

Are you guys planning on exhibiting the 787 at the Dubai Air Show in November?

ty (tempe, az):

With new orders pouring in...shouldn't Boeing have another celebration/party upon receiving the 787th order for the 787?
Can I get invited for suggesting it??

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