On a "roll"

We’re just a couple of days away from what promises to be one of the biggest corporate rollout events anyone has ever seen.

I’ll be there in Everett on Sunday when the 787 Dreamliner makes its Premiere. And I hope you will be too, because with all the viewing options Boeing has made available, virtually anyone on the planet can take part.


Click above to view the 7-Series videos, and on Sunday to view the Dreamliner Premiere events.

I wanted to also make sure you’ve been checking out the 7-Series videos now playing on our Website. My favorite 7-series airplane, the 757, is featured in today’s video.

By the way, and speaking of “rolls” – or maybe I should say “buns” - not all the news is Dreamliner-related this week. I have to point out that we’re just a little bit proud of one Puget Sound area Boeing employee today.

In the U.S., it’s a 4th of July tradition to eat hot dogs on the holiday, but Erik Denmark is making a name for himself by taking the eating of hot dogs and other foods to extremes.

I suppose it takes a lot of “guts” to do what Erik does. And that’s why he’s “top dog” in our book.

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Saj (London, UK):

Its a pity US Independence day isnt July 8th! What a double-whammy of a celebration that would have been!

Regardless, Sunday- history is coming.

No other airplane in the history of aviation has caused such a stir, and its ready to tear the skies apart- not just because it'll shred millions off airlines costs, but it will add to the point-to-point philosophy that Boeing has had for 30 years now.

Here's raising a glass to all involved on the 787!

Chris C (South Africa):

When the beautiful, phenomenal Boeing 787 Dreamliner Premieres to the world on Sunday 8th, it will immediately usher in the preferred 21st Century air-travel era. On Sunday 8th, more than a spectacular rollout of the super-efficient 787 will occur – a whole new brighter era in commercial aviation will dawn as well.

The 787 is the airplane of the future, and with her industry leading capabilities, efficiencies and economics, speed, flexibilities and customer/investor/environment/passenger focused solutions, the 787 will rule supreme for decades to come, thus upholding the true Boeing Commercial Airplane traditions. Well done Boeing, you’ve built the market-preferred products!!

TUI (London):

Randy, what a great event and good luck to you all. We are having a small party on Monday, to do our bit in celebrating, we are counting down to the event. Check out:


Good luck have a great day.. all at TUI

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