"Rock star"


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Saj (London, UK):

Indeed it was a star!

The pictures of the premiere say all thats needed to be said.

The focus now should be on the flight tests and aim toward certification and delivery.

Best wishes to the 787 team!

Janelle R.:

What an absolutely beautiful plane! It's phenomenal. Congratulations on the successful rollout!

Here's to many more orders and to a successful first flight!!

CX B777 Capt. (Hong Kong):

Congratulation on the B787. What a beautiful machine! Have you ever considered painting the Boeing scheme in Green to highlight the environmental impact this generation of aircraft will have on the future of aviation?

Best of luck with the flight program. We hope to see the B787 coming through HKG soon!

Sherry (Beijing China):

It is the most beautiful plane I have seen. 787 may change our air travel. More order and best wishes to 787.

James Baloun (Palo Alto, California, USA):

It was a beautiful rollout. "There beneath the blue suburban skies" for such a "clean machine".

adolfo pedregosa (Hongkong, China):

I was looking at the B787 pictures and I am asking myself these questions.

1.If you lose one of those saw-toothed exhaust on the engines, do you have a perfomance penalty or will you need an extra fuel?

2.Those electric brakes. if you have an aborted take off will the brakes become electrified?

3.With no engine bleed air, how do you put off an engine fire during engine starts?

4.What is ETOPS time for this plane? I'm hearing about 215 minutes on one engine for the B777 over trans Pacific flights. Surely, this GenX engine can do more.

5.If the fuselage is composite, then there will be a shortage of composite workers who can do repair on the B787. There is already a shortage of aircraft sheetmetal workers in the world.

OK guys, enough of me. I am still marvelling at the B787 photos.

James (Honolulu, HI, USA):

A beautiful airplane! Congrats to everyone involved with the Dreamliner. I only wish it was flying "Now" and not next year.

Alan (San Bruno, CA):

I've been following the 787 for so long, it seems like my baby, and I don't even work in the aviation business. I imagine you guys feel 10x the pride I did on Sunday.

I would've liked to see more about the 7-series fly-in on Saturday evening.

Hope to see a Dreamliner come to SFO soon!


Alan, you can read more and see a photo of the fly-in event here: http://www.boeing.com/news/releases/2007/q3/070707b_pr.html

- Randy

Mohd Roshdi Hassan:

Congratulation Boeing on B787! Finally the dream comes through. Absolutely beautiful new airplane. Good luck on the first flight. Hope to see in sky soon.

Guy (Israel) (Israel):

What a magnificent plane! I'd bet it's much better when you see it in your own eyes. Can you tell us your personal experiences from the premiere day? How it was to be there and so on, because even through the internet broadcast I could feel the excitement and tense of the people in crowd.

Congratulations to the 787 team for their wonderful job, and lots of success in the future!

Ho Yi (Singapore):

I've been reading your blog for quite some time and it is really interesting to get all these first-hand information and analysis. Kp up the gd wk and Congrats to Boeing for the new 787 Dreamliner. May it be another significant milestone in the aviation industry. I'm certain it will. Cheers!

Ted Cook (Mt. Vernon, WA):

Thanks for the great pictures. The side shot of the engine on the wing looks like art. Good luck beating that, engineers of the next commercial jet. In the last shot, the tail reminds me of the DC-8. Nice day, nice plane!

Hernan Saldana (Lima, Peru):

Nice pictures. I watched the premiere live and I was amazed when the Dreamliner finally appeared on my screen.

I do hope you guys restart the Flight Test Journal now that the 787 will begin that phase. Can not wait for the first flight!!!

Chris C (South Africa):

The super-efficient 787 Dreamliner is an immaculate airplane!! What a fantastic looking airplane! Very sleek, sexy, super-efficient and mathematically balanced looking! The 787 is the future of air-travel. WELL DONE BOEING!!

Steven O (Philadelphia, PA - USA):

Thank you for sharing these great photos!

I have have been fortunate enough to tour some of the sub-assembly lines of Boeing's suppliers for the 787 recently. To see the (almost) finished product here is truly amazing!

I still wonder if the real innovations here are the benefits this plane will provide to its customers (and their customers...and our planet) or if it is in the revolutionary approach that Boeing has taken with its partners to design, test and deliver the 787.

Best of luck and I hope you sell 10,000 more!

Tim (Baltimore. Md):

Beautiful plane, love the front section, if only Randy if you could be me a free ride on it,,, lol.
Randy, I have followed the 787 from concept ( 7E7 ) then to 787, and now Boeing's baby is born.
Randy, the testing part will be just as exciting ( I am sure Boeing with the 787 ) might just surprize us will some impressive performance numbers , let's hope.
Congrats with the 787 Boeing, you sure more out did yourself this time with the right plane at the right time.


Congratulation Boeing on B787! Finally the dream comes through. Absolutely beautiful new airplane. Good luck on the first flight on the airport EL ALTO . I Hope to see in sky over bolivia.
edwin yanique
tecnico B737

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