It’s a nice round number, and looks pretty darn good from overhead, especially when several hundred Boeing employees are actually forming the numerals.

We just reached an amazing milestone – the 7,000th Boeing 737 order. And to mark the occasion employees on the program formed a giant “7,000” – spanning an area that was nearly the length of two airplanes.


Employees celebrate the 7,000th order at the 737 facility in Renton, standing next to a new 737 fuselage - destined for China Southern Air Group - prior to final assembly.

Indonesia’s Lion Air placed the order as part of an agreement for 40 additional 737-900ER airplanes at the Paris Air Show. Lion Air now has 100 announced orders for the 737-900ER, including that historic 7,000th order.

And from my point of view, any way you look at it - even from above - 7,000 is a beautiful number.

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Saj (London, UK):

...an amazing feat for an amazing airplane!

Heres to the next milestone for the 737!

Speaking of milestones, will there be a similar entry for the 777 when it too reaches the magical 4 figures?!



You bet. Thanks!

- Randy

Everett (Beijing,China):

Congratulation! Airlines around world are making a wonderful choice for the environment, theirfleets, their bottom line, and for the way people want to travel – point to point, and nonstop. Clearly,737 is much better than A320. The A320 is an aging product line. The 737NG is 10 years younger, with newer technology and more efficiency. The 737NG is the most efficient, high-technology airplane in its class. Best wishes and more order to 737!

Chris C (South Africa):

Congratulations!! That truly is an amzing achievement! The pheneomenal 737 is the workhorse, and benchmark in the single-aisle catergory, period.

Mike (Sydney, Australia):

To think, how incredible an evolution the 737 has become from the orginal to the -900ER. Fantastic. I also think it has the coolest 'face' of any airliner and that hasn't changed all this time.

Eric (Toronto):

A great celebration for a great airplane. The 737 will continue to plough the sky for the many years to come. Thanks Boeing!

Sebastien (Miami):

Although the 737 is my least favorite plane, I can say that I'm pretty impressed with it's new efficiency, and how much less noise it produces on the inside compare with previous generations. Congratulation Boeing!!!
Now I want to see some innovation, and cosmetic update for the outside too.

Mark (Atlanta GA USA):

Many airplanes have claimed to be the "DC-3 of the jet age". We may have a winner.

That said, I think rather than the 737 breaking the 10,000 barrier, the flying public needs a next-generation 737/MD-80/A320 replacement with breakthrough economics. Something combining aspects of the 787 and the proposed 7J7.

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