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Talk about “building” momentum.

Korean Air has taken the Dreamliner Premiere to new heights. They’ve wrapped their entire headquarters building in Seoul with a giant image of a 787 taking off – in Korean Air blue – along with the words, “787 Dreamliner, Special Expectations.” And that’s no stretch.


Korean Air’s headquarters will remain “wrapped” in the 787 Dreamliner through the end of the month. Click on the image to view a video of the wrapping project. Photo and video courtesy: Korean Air.

The wrapping project took eight days - with 20 to 30 men working each day, attaching more than 300 pieces of film onto the building’s surface. They tell me that all the pieces lined up together would stretch 2.8 kilometers.

You can watch the entire project compressed into about 3 and a half minutes in this video. It’s a sight that would do Christo proud, I’m sure.


Korean Air is a launch customer of the Boeing 787, with 10 Dreamliners on order. Photo courtesy: Korean Air.

Korean Air’s Aerospace Division has participated in the 787 program from the development stage, including facilities investments in Korea and the manufacturing of six major parts such as the aft fuselage and wingtip.

I guess I can totally understand the emphasis on “Special Expectations.” The enhanced efficiency and passenger comfort of the 787 will help Korean Air expand its long range routes and widen its network to South America and Africa.

The airline tells me they expect the Dreamliner will be a “pillar” in Korean Air’s future fleet.

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Saj (London, UK):

Essentially, the marketplace has boiled down to who will and who wont be operating a 787 fleet.

Has any other airplane generated this magnitude of heightened interest since perhaps the 747?

The 787 has surely surpassed its older sibling for media attention, but its what the 787 brings to the arena which has revolutionized the strategic thinking and planning for airlines for the 21st century and beyond.

No other airplane this century can claim that mantle.

Chris C (South Africa):

The super-efficient and phenomenal Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be the pillar of success for all the airlines that operate this revolutionary airplane, period. The 787 is going to usher in an all-new, exciting, super-efficient and whisper quiet commercial aviation era, thus there is no shadow of doubt that this incredible airplane is the new flagship of the 21st Century!

Everett (Beijing,China):

Korean Air's entire headquarters building is one of the most beautiful building I have seen.Boeing made the right choice in developing the 787. Airlines around the world are making a great choice for the for their fleets,environment, their bottom line, and for the way people want to travel – point to point, and nonstop. So they order 787.Clearly,787 will be "pillar"in many airlines'fleet in the future. I'm very glad to see that 787 is being welcome in many airlines.Keep up your work,Mr.NG.Best wishes and more orders to 787.

James (Honolulu, Hawaii):

Now that the 787 is "airborne", so to speak, could you possibly share any insight into what Boeing is thinking about next? I know, you probably don't want to give Airbus even a shadow of a hint, but lots of people including myself want to know about a 737 replacement, as well as how Boeing will reposition/upgrade the 777 should a 787-10 come to fruition.

Lastly, as I commented to Randy #1, what about changing the airplane design paradigm? While the 787 is a high-technology airplane, a beautiful plane, it doesn't break the paradigm set with the original 707 (i.e. a tube with wings). It's a pity the airlines chose efficiency over the speed offered by the Sonic Cruiser, though in the current environment that was obviously the right choice. The Sonic Cruiser would have clearly stood out from the crowd at any airport, the same way the 747 still does. It would have said "Boeing!" and "New!" loud and clear.

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