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Doing a blog is challenging – all the more so in the consumer-focused world of the airline industry. So my hat is off to Delta Air Lines. They just started a blog called Under the Wing.

Delta launched the blog just a couple of weeks ago. And already they’ve talked about some topics near and dear to my heart, such as enhancing the in-flight experience, and focusing on the customer. Great discussions.

And while I’m on the subject, I want to extend a personal welcome to Richard Anderson, Delta’s new CEO. Before taking on the new job, he served key roles in a number of big companies such as Continental and Northwest Airlines, and was a Delta board member. I met Richard many years ago and was always impressed. I’m confident he’ll be a fantastic leader at Delta Air Lines.

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G (France):

When are you going to announce the firm configuration of the 747-8 Intercontinental?

Will some orders come with the firm configuration?



We're still scheduled for firm configuration later this year. And while we don't project orders, we're doing well with 90 total orders so far for the 747-8 program.

- Randy Tinseth

Chris C (South Africa):

Although slightly off the topic of your latest Blog entry, I would have to say that the phenomenal Boeing 747-8 is having a stellar sales success to date! The super-efficient, ultra-capable 747-8I will without a shadow of doubt garner more orders before year-end. In fact, I believe that the –8I will garner a further 45 orders this year, whilst the formidable 747-8F will secure some more as well, thus boosting the order book to the region of 140 or so firm orders! Looking forward to reading about the design tweaks to the –8I at design freeze.

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