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I started my career with Boeing on the technical side, and I guess when that’s in your blood, you never quite lose that interest in the nuts and bolts of our business. So it’s a good thing that we brought back a publication that was wildly popular with the techies - and not-so-techies - of our field.

AERO magazine is a quarterly publication that essentially provides technical info to help our airline customers operate their Boeing fleets more efficiently. It’s also a way to keep our customers and others in the industry informed of the latest about Commercial Airplanes products and services. Boeing operators get the magazine, and so can you, right here.


Click on the image to go directly to AERO Magazine.

AERO went away for a while at the end of 2003. But we found out that customers really valued the information and communication from Boeing. So we brought it back last year.

You can subscribe to AERO on-line. This service will notify you by e-mail when a new issue of AERO has been posted to the web.

Our latest issue features a look at the no-bleed systems architecture for the 787 Dreamliner written by 787 Systems Director Mike Sinnett. 787 Vice President and General Manager Mike Bair also talks about the industry milestones in building this game-changing airplane.

We also hear from Boeing Senior Safety Pilot Bill Roberson on fuel conservation strategies that pilots can use during cruise flight to operate efficiently, save money, and help deal with low-fuel situations.

The fourth-quarter 2007 issue also includes articles on protecting maintenance, flight and cabin crews from injury on the job, and how pilots can avoid a recently identified phenomenon of high-altitude ice crystals during thunderstorms.

In addition to the current issue, all back issues are available on the AERO Website. Just click on the “Archives” button at the top of the home page.

So welcome back, AERO. We missed you.

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Saj (London, UK):

While Aero provides critical feedback and news for Boeing's customers, it also provides a unique yet open insight into the relationship between plane maker and purchaser.

Its not often companies take lead on things like this, and as with many recently web based initiatives Boeing has undertaken, this too should be highly commended and applauded.

Its just a pity other companies/industries do not follow this forward thinking approach Boeing has.

Kinbin (Taiwan):

On the subject of no bleed systems, we are presented with new challenges associated with replacement of wire bundles having undergone phase changes to their preperties and becoming brittle since more of them will be exposed to the elements.

In addition, the corrosion of pins and connector ends will become another "hot" issue.

Parts and wire replacement kits ought to be readily available to customers and operators. The business posture at BOEING Spares ought to be revamped from being internal cost-centric to that of flexible operator-centric.

Mathew McBride (Geelong, Victoria, Australia):

Would you please consider moving that Sydney 'office' that we saw you holding that nice 787 model in (The Australian, Business sect, 9 oct), to Melbourne :) Maybe you can even fly the 787 down here when it gets in the air (will the 787 be doing a world tour as part of test?)

Anyway, its great that you place this stuff online for those like me interested in the tech side of aviation.

Steve (Seattle):

Boeing Senior Safety Pilot Bill Roberson isn't the only author of the Fuel Conservation Strategies article. Two guys from Flight Operations Engineering (Rob Root and Dell Adams) also authored it and the contact information at the end of the article is to Flight Operations Engineering. ;o)

Regardless, thanks for bringing attention to AERO magazine!

G (France):

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with techie stuff!

I also appreciate the information you put in this page.

Rob (Melbourne, VIC, Australia):

Love the free magazine.

Just a suggestion - seeing that it is on-line and not printed - your schematics etc could use a small amount of multimedia to aid understanding (layering etc).

Chris C (South Africa):

The latest BoeingAero Magazine is outstanding!! Thank you Mr. Tinseth for highlighting the latest issue. Very interesting reading indeed! Keep up the excellent work, Boeing build the finest commercial airplanes in the world!

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