Flying high .. on the hog

I’m not one to typically “ham” it up, but I didn’t want the summer to go by without at least mentioning something neat that’s been going on in Seattle for the past several months.


This little piggy went to market, and sports tiny wings and depictions of Boeing products and historic events.

It’s called “Pigs on Parade” – 100 giant fiberglass painted pigs, scattered throughout the urban landscape around here.

And although you could hardly call them “lean,” a couple of these fine swine do depict Boeing products and achievements.

Boeing’s official entry, “When Pigs Fly,” showcases the history of our company since its origins as a ham-town hero more than 90 years ago. Boeing graphic artist Faye Lomax is the creative force behind this pig’s feat.


This little piggy sports the Boeing livery.

Another Boeing-themed entry is called “Dream Swiner.” It springs from the imagination of local artist and aviation architect Gordy Edberg, who envisions a pig in the new Boeing livery.

Pigs on Parade benefits the charitable Market Foundation, and wraps up with an auction of the pigs later this month.

The event commemorates both the Chinese Year of the Pig, and the famous Pike Place Market on the Seattle waterfront – which turned 100 over the summer.

And that’s nothing to snort at.

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G (France):

BA's recent large airplane choice was a pig disappointment for Boeing.

Mark (Los Angeles, CA):

That would be cool if the "Dream Swiner" was made out of carbon fiber instead of fiberglass.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

I've been watching 747 developments since I spotted a certain article about "Boeing's Big Decision" in a Flight International magazine of 1999/2000. Obviously, there has been a lot of disappointment since - upto 2003/4, when the then 7E7 appeared. 747 PD went into full swing - and it became clear that a future 747 would have to be positioned between the 747X and 747X Stretch of 1999.

You're almost there! However, I feel that Boeing is still aiming a little low on some performance specs. Is this a strategic move - not unlike that on the 777-300ER? Is Boeing too cautious in its approach to style versus substance. Surely, after nearly 40 years, a company of Boeing's calibre should have amassed vast levels of understanding of certain engineering concepts and manufacturing techniques - never mind the plane itself.

Are you playing hard to get? The loss at SAA was frowned on :( by the same token as the recent BA deal. In the former, we all know which become the cashcow - and which became pig fodder :)

Jon Grams (Colorado Springs, CO):

If it is true that there will be no more 747-8i orders this year, does that imply that firm configuration will be postponed till next year? (seeing as how firm configuration is dependent on meeting Emirates requirement for more range) How much longer do we have to wait?

It would seem to me that if the -8i can be offered in the current length with the shorter versions 8300nm range (and a takeoff weight back at the original 960,000lb) along with an order from EK, then the other airlines "on the fence" would go for the 747. I also can't help but thinking that the lack of a RR engine option killed the BA deal.



We are indeed still on track for firm configuration later this year. As for sales. I don't make predictions. But right now we're having active and productive discussions with about 15 airlines worldwide for both the 747-8F and the 747-8 Intercontinental.

- Randy Tinseth

Maria Cristina (São Paulo, Brazil):

Congrats for your blog, Randy!

I've read a story about 'the Marketing-VP-Blogger' at a Brazilian business magazine (Época Negócios) and came here to check it out! It's really good as I read.

Is nice to see how busy guys like you have time to build reliable relationship with passengers like me. I felt special!

Nicely done!

Jon Grams (Colorado Springs, CO USA):

Wow! Thanks for the reply Randy! (I wasn't expecting that) Great news that the 748i is on track for firm configuration and that so many airlines are interested. -can't wait! Long live the Queen of the Skies!

CB Whittemore (NJ):

Randy, very fun story on pigs; I was aware of the cows, but not these.

About your blog, I love how you bring to life your passion for [Boeing] airplanes. If it hadn't been for Peter Kim's M20, it would have taken me much longer to find you.

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