Boeing posted record earnings, revenues, and backlog in 2007. You can check out the results for 4Q and full-year 2007 in our news release (PDF).

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Chris C (South Africa):

Excellent news!! Well Done. Also, great to see the remarkable 777F entering final assembly! Keep up the outstanding work, Boeing!

G (France):

You should have underlined the fact that you obtained double digit operating margin despite the fact that BCA has at least three concurrent developments (787, 747-8 and 777F).

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Good marketing on the 787, 747-8 cargo and the
brand new 777 freighter. The 777 freighter and
the 777-300ER has kept the 777 line out of decline
stage of the product life cycle. I expect the success
of the 777 line to continue for years to come.

Dan Schuller (Manchester, UK):

Excellent results, and bravo !

I do have a concern over the attention the media is paying to the recent rise of inflight shut downs on the 777-300s.

Only 3 days ago, there was another on a Singapore Airlines machine, causing it to divert to Frankfurt, and yet another at Air France, forcing it to divert to Milan.

The media is getting its message across (at least in the UK) that the B773 has a problem.

Has there been any proactive response to these incidents from Boeing or GE in an attempt to quell this damaging, negative press?

Boeing and GE need to act now before a fantastic product gets unfairly stigmatized.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Great financial results. The main dailies missed the story here - too busy on the negative data coming out of the US lately. Financial health is very important - so I suppose the dailies will cover the mess & pain unfolding at EADS/Airbus.

Also, BCA's commercial neighbours in Washington State are taking bold moves that will insure that it remains the USA's No-2 exporter after Boeing.

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