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I mentioned a couple of weeks back how I had the opportunity to appear on the Brazilian television channel TV Ideal.


Click on the image to watch the video clip.

Since I had to endure the makeup process for this High Definition interview, I guess you can endure watching a two and a half minute clip from the broadcast of Siga o Mestre.

It’s available on the station’s Website and I thought it might be fun to give you a chance to view it.

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Theoden (Saline, MI USA):

You look and sound different than I expected. I think the 787 will be like the game Half Life in that we had to wait for it, but when it did come out, it was awesome and everyone had to imitate and expand on it to remain competitive.

G (France):

Delta and Northwest have just merged. The new fleet is simply astonishing!

A reasonable man would accept the idea that they might want to tidy their fleet up a little bit when possible.

NWA ordered only 18 787-8, but the total number of A330, 757 and 767 in the merged airline is more than 300. The question is whether they will continue to order 787 in the future.

Northwest Fleet Overview
Delta Fleet Overview

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

I saw the clip from TV Ideal and I enjoyed it.
My favorite part was when you discussed how new technology applied to the 787 would improve fuel economy and leave a smaller foot print on the environment.

I think the 787 is the start of a new generation
of Boeing airliners that will meet the needs and demands of airlines in a quickly changing environment.

I hope other informative programs from around the world and in here will book you on their shows.

Thanks Randy.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Eu estava esperando uma entrevista portuguesa:)
(I was expecting a Portuguese interview.)

Nonetheless, sell the idea wherever you go!

One of the most exciting events unfolding in the industry today is the Delta & Northwest merger - a merger which perfectly matches their partners in Air France / KLM - and one long anticipated in this industry. Imagine a group offering services across the North Pacific, North Atlantic, South America, North America - and just beginning to spread its wings over Africa... (When the time is right, we may yet see direct services from the Continental USA DIRECT to Johannesburg and/or Cape Town.)

It's a huge combination - over 800 planes, 70,000+ employees – and nearly 180 million passengers.

My interest here is with the those planes being mostly twinjets & the strategy likely to favour twinjets for the combined group's future, does this effect Boeing ambitions for sales of quad jets – here The Quad Jet 747-8I – in North America.

Can we expect, for example, that Northwest’s Pacific operations could be serviced by America’s first indigenous 777-300ER service because these planes would offer commonality with Delta’s growing 777 fleet, à la KLM?

I think that European & South American routes should continue to see fragmentation and be served by twinjets flying more point-to-point from North American bases - while the Pacific routes should continue to see some use of the big quads on the heavy trunk routes between the wealthy & populous cities alongside increasing p2p services.

Also, it goes without saying that an airline that size would have massive bargaining power in terms of aircraft & services purchases.

G (France):

In the above comment, I mentioned a total of more than 300 airplanes in Northwest and Delta combined fleet of A330, 757 and 767.

If you consider the total worldwide orders of A310, A300, A330-200, 757 and 767, you will find more than 3,000 units.
In this category, there are more than 3,000 airplanes to replace in the coming 20 years. On top of this number you have to add the growth.

Suddenly, you understand why BCA is not unnerved by the successive delays of the 787.

José Antonio Maciel (Bal. Camboriu, SC - Brazil):

TV Ideal is a new TV channel here in Brazil with a good purpose. I saw the interview on TV Ideal and It was great.

About the 787, I think that the new technologies applied to the Dreamliner will answer the claim for an environmentally friendly aircraft.

And hope that soon the consumers start to demand from the airliners the use of eco-friendly aircrafts like the 787.

Thanks for the interview.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Ahhh, another private individual has purchased another one of The fastest chariots to just about anywhere on this planet. With so many orders for the 747-8 BBJ at this early point in the program's development - you got to wonder. (Okay, so it's only a handful orders - but these are business jet orders; orders for planes this size are rare in that market.)

Is the Toulouse double-decker too big - or expensive - to be the ultimate status symbol - or has the 747-8 become just too chic (like the Cessna Citation X) too be beaten? Not forgetting the efficiency of the 747-8. This is interesting.

One thing that has not changed is that whoever buys a 747 - whether an airline, freight company or high net-worth private individual - it's always about an unmatched combination of capacity, range, speed, efficiency & price.

Rob (Vancouver B.C. Canada):

I have enjoyed this site since its inception with both you and the previous Randy.

One request. On your daily website could you post a picture of the next delivery of an Air Canada 777-300ER. It is a great looking airliner and look forward to flying on one soon.

Air Canada in the past couple years has taken delivery and have now in service 12- 777's and have more deliveries scheduled into 2009.

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