One year, one million

I know it’s a cliché, but man did this past year go fast. Last year this time I was just moving into a new office, learning some new ropes, and also blogging for the first time.

But a year - even a quick one - can bring about a lot of changes. Last May we were beginning final assembly on the 787 Dreamliner. Today we’re looking forward to power on and first flight after some disappointing program delays. Across the industry last year, we saw record airplane orders. And this year while orders remain strong, we’re facing some economic uncertainty and high fuel prices. A lot can change in a year.

Where did the time go? Since last spring, we’ve blogged from London, Paris, Beijing, Sydney, Auckland, Seoul, Dubai, Stockholm, Singapore, Santiago, and Hong Kong - not to mention Seattle. So I guess I can figure out where all the time went.

One of the biggest changes or revelations for me since I stepped into this job is how the blog has enabled me to interact with people - online, and out in the world in all those cities I get to visit. Also just how many people read the blog and recognize me from it.


How do you celebrate a million visitors? With a blog cake, of course.

So it’s no surprise that we’ve also been able to enjoy a pretty special milestone recently – surpassing one million visitors to this journal.

There’s something special about the word, “million” - a certain currency to being a millionaire, or to tell someone they are “one in a million.”

You and all the other visitors to this blog are among the more than one million individuals who have checked us out since we at Commercial Airplanes started this blog a little over three years ago.

This probably doesn’t amount to a lot of visitors compared to some mega-blogs out there which may see a million visitors a month or a week. But for a corporate blog like ours, talking about products that the everyday person can’t go down to the corner and buy and drive home - well, I think it’s pretty remarkable to have hit such a milestone. It tells me that the enthusiasm and excitement for aviation out there is as great as ever.


Cutting the cake at an employee blog celebration event.

I can’t say for certain who the typical visitor to our blog might be. But I can tell you that we’ve enjoyed a mix of people from about 60 countries who’ve stopped by to read what’s new or to comment on it. So, to each of you who have visited – a big thank you!

Of course, no discussion about the blog would be complete without mentioning our friend Randy Baseler, who started this blog back in January of 2005. Some of you, no doubt, are wondering what Randy’s been up to since he retired last April. So I thought I’d let you see for yourself.


The original blogger, Randy Baseler, is enjoying life outside Boeing. Here he is in his “office” at the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona during an RV tour of the desert southwest this past winter.


“Cowboy up!” Baseler back home in Seattle, just before his family delivered a “subtle hint” that it might be time to shave.

Yes, life after Boeing has been tough for Randy. He spent the winter in the desert, and also managed to squeeze in some skiing at Sun Valley, Idaho.

As Randy will tell you, the blog was born out of a time when some people were wondering out loud whether Boeing was even going to remain in the commercial airplanes business. In 2004, Boeing had recorded only 272 orders, and the media and analysts were hailing the arrival of the superjumbo A380 as the airplane of the future.

You may recall that we launched the blog right around the time the A380 rolled out. It was a chance for us to give a tip of the hat to our competitors on a big day for them, but also for us to tell our story too. Over the months that followed, this blog has been a forum for kudos as well as some good-natured sparring with the competition - but mostly focused on our world-class products and services - while having some fun in the process.

As I’ve discovered this year, that’s not as easy as it sounds. It actually takes a lot of focus – seven days a week. A schedule that Randy Baseler no longer has to concern himself with, as he enjoys a cold beverage in the sun.

Or as Randy himself puts it, for him now, “every day’s a Saturday. Except Sunday.”

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Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

It has been a great ride and I am glad to have "literally" taken a part of it.

I enjoy answering every thread and reading what all
the bloggers have to write. This is the best website for civil aviation and certainly the smartest and most intelligent.

Though it's a shame that I did not come early enough to contribute to Randy Baseler's entries to Randy's Journal and the early part of Randy Tinseth's entries, for the time I had, it has been a great journey and one that continues.

Thanks for putting up with me Randy, congrats on your first year, you're the best.


Thanks Norman,

And keep 'em coming!

- Randy Tinseth

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Nice one.

This blog started just after Boeing completed work on the 777-300ER - that absolutely fantastic big twin with that absolutely fantastic paint scheme - the whole thing screamed of Boeing's future in this business! I suppose it's fitting that the 777 family passed it's one millionth flight during the time of this blog.

Both Randy T & B have had great views & it has been a TREMENDOUS PLEASURE following your company's dreams come to life in a world incredibly biased towards Boeing.

It pleases me everytime to know that the 777-300ER is a regular at Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport - especially because a local aviation journal, that I used to buy, said it would not be, given the rival's "better" product. Boeing could never win - even when clearly it has in the time since this blog began.

It's also such a pleasure to note that this 92-year old dinosaur has developed some of the finest products over the past couple of years - products very much in fore, not only by technology & capability, but also by universally understood means - namely, sales.

Keep that coming!

CHRIS GIBSON (Australia):

I have been following the blog since it began. I stumbled over it when looked up the Boeing website after I read an article which predicted the demise of Boeing's commercial airplanes (Must have been a French Newspaper) It is great to follow the progress of the company’s products via the blog and it is a credit to you on how unbiased your comments are. I am sure that aviation buffs all over the world are waiting to see your new bird take to the skies.

Keep up the good work.

Kari Rankins (Chicago, Illinois):

I enjoy reading the blogs, since moving to Chicago I feel disconnected with the business and miss being close to our products....this blogs helps me know what is going on; and I really like all the links!

Keep up the great blog!

Charles Tung (Tukwilla, WA):

Enjoy reading your blog. I've been with the company 2-years now. Big fan of your blog!

I was wondering, if someday there would be a get together for fans of your blog here in Seattle.

Joaquin Hinojosa (Monterrey, Mexico):

Congratulations!!! I really enjoy reading this blog. Keep up the good work.

Michele Verçosa (Sao Paulo, Brazil):

Congratulations and best wishes from Brazilian readers, Randy!

CJ (West Bank):

Nice Hat....Cowboy!

James (Honolulu, Hawaii):

Congrats to both Randy T & B for a job well done. I think it's great that people like me, whose only connection with Boeing is the airline tickets I buy, get to interact with "the company" itself. Now, since Alan Mulally is running Ford, how to convince him to start a Ford blog...

P.S. If only I could retire as gracefully as RB...

Robin Capper :

Congratulations, I doubt I'll ever be in the position to buy a Boeing but every time I fly in one I think of this blog. Thanks to Randy 1 & 2 for your efforts!

Chris C (South Africa):

Congratulations on this stupendous achievement to everyone involved with ‘Randy’s Journal’ over the years!!! I’m indeed proud to boast that I’ve followed this Blog since early 2005, and have every since then enjoyed every single Blog entry. I find this Blog an invaluable asset to BCA’s marketing division, and further, a really wonderful forum to discuss aviation matters in a serious, well thought-out and professional manner.

This Blog certainly has grown over the years. When the Blog was created, the 747-Advanced was seriously being discussed, and now, three years on, we have the dawn on the phenomenal 21st Century 747-8 nearing, with orders already past the 100 order milestone mark!! So much as indeed happened in the last three years, let alone the last year! Keep up the excellent work Randy T, and continue to enjoy your retirement Randy B!

You guys are icons at the Boeing Co. All the very best for your “heating-up” 747-8I sales campaigns...let’s get them’ orders rollin’ in! And A BIG THANK YOU to you!

Alberto Maya R. (Medellín - Colombia):

CONGRATULATIONS, Mr. Tinseth, and MANY THANKS for sharing your knowledges and comments with us.

kees burger (Netherlands, Europe):

Congratulation with the million visitors.

Europe will make sure your team stays focussed 7 days a week, including Sunday ;)

We are eagerly waiting to see the 787 taking to the skies & claiming its place on our hubs.

You folks fix it together ASAP & send it over the Atlantic. We'll have cold beer waiting for you.

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