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As promised, we’ve launched a dedicated Web site that we think captures just what 787 Power On is all about. You’ll get to see the actual tests, as well as interviews with experts, and executive commentary.


This is an interactive Website with a series of screens where you can click on each zone of the airplane for details on the Power On testing process, as well as links and videos to show you the progress we’ve made on Dreamliner #1. We think the site will help you understand how Power On relates to the overall program.

I’ve mentioned before, that Power On is a process, with a series of methodical steps. And as you’ll learn when you navigate the Website, behind the milestone we completed last week are “millions of individual design decisions made by thousands of experienced professionals, and countless hours of detailed installations made by gifted craftspeople based on the exacting instructions created by dedicated experts.”


Click on the image to go directly to the Power On Website.

This Website takes you through that process each step of the way, with video from real tests, and interviews with the real people who really did the work.

Did I mention that it’s all real? You’ll see actual scenes during testing. That’s the neat thing about this site - it allows you to get an inside look at this significant milestone in the 787 program. I hope you’ll also get a sense of what it means to the people who work here.

I think you’ll enjoy it.

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Chris C (South Africa):

Simply a superb website! Very interesting to view the whole Power-On process in such a unique, interactive way. The super-efficient 787 Dreamliner is an absolute marvel of technology! Thanks for the great website again!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Very insightful, I liked all the detail that went into the new website. The displayed power-up brings the action to the viewer. The 787 is the first of a new generation of twenty-first century made and designed airliners.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

A while back, Boeing flew a couple of demonstrators - the 737-900 Technology Demonstrator, the 777-300ER Quiet Technology Demonstrator 2, and so on. When you're a leader, part of leading is demonstrating new capabilities, technologies & efficiencies. Boeing does this all the time.

I think that the new 787 site is a good preview for what is going to be a gigantic demonstrator and silencer - and not merely because we'll need to be a little quiet just to hear it. Line it up now!

Congratulations thus far. Also, may the Tanker program be sorted out speedily and by the Agreed Terms and Conditions. May the Best-for-Purpose Win.

B Borg (Malta):

Very informative website. You're showing everyone to understand the complexity of the power-on process.

A superb effort to bring people close to the 787.

Tom (Everett, WA):

It is a great achievement to get power on to this awesome airplane!! I am proud to be a member of the 787 Team, and look forward to first flight!!

bill (wichita, KS):

Thanks for the the great web site!

Larry Pope (Kyle, TX, USA):

I heard you're going to be testing biofuels soon and I imagine the 787 will be using it. Here's a suggestion where to get all the fuel you'll need down the road.

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You could buy the equipment from them and make your own. It can be grown anywhere, on tops of buildings, otherwise unusable land, on mountain tops probably even on barges.

Check it out:

Good luck with the biofuel testing.

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