A busy day on two shores

FARNBOROUGH - Just a quick note from the air show to point you to a highlight or two from our first day here.

And back in Seattle, a milestone flight for the 777 Freighter.


The 777 Freighter lands at Paine Field in Everett at the conclusion of its first flight Monday. Captains Suzanna Darcy-Henneman and Van Chaney commanded the flight.

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Chris C (South Africa):

Congratulations on securing Etihad Airways as a customer for the super-efficient 787-9 Dreamliner as well as securing additional 777-300ER orders!! Further, congratulations on the first flight of the formidable Boeing 777 Freighter!! That truly is a wonderful looking airplane and without a doubt, will be a very, very successful 777 derivative.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Those orders are flying, already fifty 737's have been ordered and reserved by the new airline Fly Dubai. Congrats on the Etihad Airways orders on the 787-9 and the 777-300ER. I look forward to seeing more orders. The 777-200LR cargo jet looks good, an excellent replacement for the MD-11 on long haul roots.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):


And thus begins the flight tests of many.

This will be one to watch. (Flight test journal/blog!!)

Great showing at Farnborough. Bring out those green machines for all to see. Eventually they have to win, you know!

Chris C (South Africa):

Excellent news with regard to Arik Air's intent to order 4 highly-efficient and phenomenal 747-8Intercontinentals!! The 747-8I will be a success, and is already a formidable airplane that MANY envy!


So, it's taken 20 months to get a second 747-8I customer: Can't you just envision the cut-throat competition to grab Arik Air from under the nose of Brand X?
In 2006, Lufthansa launched the -8I, 40-plus years after (alone, I think) launching the 737-100, the first time Boeing went ahead without a domestic customer (in a period in which the Douglas DC-9 and the UK's BAC One-Eleven were launched with no orders...).
Should a third OEM enter the market for 100+ seats, they'd no doubt be encouraged if they could launch on the back of Lufthansa interest in - oh, how many shall we say - 30 + 30...

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