Newairplane, new focus

Last week I mentioned being away enjoying some time off, so I thought I’d share a couple of photos.


The first one is yours truly jumping in for a swim - my personal version of “wheels up, wheels down.”

I know .. not the most flattering shot.

And the second photo (below) is a lovely shot I took of a bright, full moon reflecting on the lake - just to give you an idea of how peaceful and beautiful the setting is there in Montana.


But getting back to business, something else that happened over the summer while we were all busy with air shows and other travel had to do with Boeing’s interactive Website, If you haven’t visited lately, you’re in for a treat.

We’ve totally refreshed the site – taking advantage of the latest Web technology. We wanted to offer a deeper, more engaging look at our products and how they’re changing the way we travel.

image started out a few years ago as 787-focused. And while there’s still a lot of material on the Dreamliner, now you’ll also find new content on the 737, 777, and 747-8. We’re making air travel more efficient and improving the passenger experience, and we think this site is a great place to learn about those initiatives.


There’s now also an in-depth treatment of environmental issues, including a detailed look at sustainable biofuels and aviation. You’ll notice the biofuels emphasis right on the homepage. And that brings up an important point. We’ll continually update the site with fresh features. In a few weeks, we plan to add content about the passenger experience. So check back frequently.


Click on any of the images to go directly to various pages on the site.

We think this refreshed site really focuses on the future of flying – and it brings together our new products in a kind of “cross-pollination,” if you will. It puts the focus where it should be – on the “customer” – that is, our airline customers, as well as you, the travelers.

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Chris C (South Africa):

The website is really stupendous. The new images of the 747-8 are also stellar, and indeed, the biofuel section is excellent. Thanks for sharing this with us, and I’m looking forward to many more updates on the site over the months. Montana also looks a beautiful place!!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States): has become more informative, now with four planes, the 777 folder is the newest airplane entry in and the biofuels section looks great, I am glad that the aviation community has stepped forward in recent times to discuss newer and greener alternatives.

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