This was the first U.S. presidential election since we started blogging. So as we mark Tuesday night’s election results which will usher in a new administration in January, I wanted to share with you a couple of items to whet your appetite and discussion on what the changes in Washington might bring to the world of commercial aviation.

Bloomberg has a story about how President-elect Obama might impact issues such as unions, air traffic management, and foreign ownership of airlines. This AP item touches on a variety of topics, including the Federal Aviation Administration and modernization of technology.

And a USA Today blog and the Aviation Policy Blog lay out some pressing airline and transportation issues facing the next U.S. president.

I’d welcome your thoughts as well as we look ahead to 2009.

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Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Congratulations on perhaps the second - perhaps nulli secundus - most inspiring Democratic event I've witnessed in my life.

Alongside, the F.D. Roosevelt Presidency, Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence, Martin L. King's Dream Speech, South Africa's 1994 election of Nelson R. Mandela and his inauguration speech - the most certain signs that Democracy continues - and with it free enterprise and innovation. Such as you have here at Boeing.

As with any new administration, the budget gets a detailed look. During uncertain times less important things get downsized. Much of the Boeing Co.'s business will feel decisions made in Washington D.C.

There's defence, space, commercial, and aftermarket support and spares business segments that will feel new laws and amendments to existing laws.

I think what NASA does is strategically important - it is after all innovation and progression.

A Bullet Train network spanning parts - or the entire continental United States - would have a marked effect on domestic air travel, as well as on other terrestrial modes of transportation.

All in all, pretty interesting.

Gordon Werner (Seattle, WA):

Has Boeing put any thought into the potential of the 747-8i being used as a replacement for the VC-25s?

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

This has been an historic election in the United States in America and even in the in the 21st century, America can still inspire the world and that skin color or gender need not apply to get elected.

On unions, Obama will be more pro-union and pro-labor but for the most part he will and should bring back ergonomic standards that have been relaxed with the Bush Administration.

When it comes to the nature of business and labor, the new president should take consideration of both sides not just one side, as business provides employment and wages, unions protect workers so they can come to work.

I think the new president should allow foreign ownership of US based ownership as long as the labor and pilots are supplied in this country, an example is Virgin America.

President Obama should allow the hiring of new air traffic controllers and put an end to the hiring freeze.

The new president must do all that he can to modernize and streamline the entire air traffic
control system and fix and even remove some vectors
that are not necessary to a particular root.

Barack Obama does believe in maned exploration of space according to Aerospace America Magazine and he will support the Constellation Program and support sending people to the Moon in 2020.

Some things Obama should do is to absolve the Wright-Shelby Amendment as it serves no purpose today. He should also but not likely raise the number of flight allowed from Long Beach Airport from forty-one to sixty-one commercial flights per day as aircraft today are far quieter than they where when the law was made.

Emilio (Mexico City):

I suspect the Tanker team will have been popping the champagne corks from the minute the result was declared.

Karl Ivory (Long Beach, CA):

As a young African American man I cannot be more thrilled to see this day in America come. The election would have made history either way it went, with the larger turn out of young voters. I can say with all honesty how proud I am to have someone like President-elect Obama to represent the African American community and the United States.

Russ Anderson (Huntington Beach, California, USA):

In the aftermath of our historic presidential election, we pause to look at the state of our country's economy with trepidation and concern. The latest unemployment numbers show that in the US we have lost 1.2 million jobs this year with no immediate relief in sight. We hope (and pray) that President-Elect Obama and the Pentagon strongly consider that all things being equal, we need to create new jobs here and keep as many of our working citizens employed as possible. Again, all things being equal,it makes no sense what-so-ever, to award the Tanker Program to a European consortium (EADS) and its US based minor partner. Let's hope that sanity prevails!

Barun Majumdar:

President-elect Barack Obama's vision on defense spending during campaign trail emphasized on UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), combat search and rescue (CSAR) helicopters, C-17, refueling tankers, etc.-- a great vision indeed!


I'm not sure if the Tanker Team should celebrate Obama's victory too much. He's mulling the idea of dual sourcing which I doubt is on Boeing's agenda. I still believe in re-partnering with Northrop whereby Boeing supplies the aircraft and Northrop perform the tank retrofit. Maybe this is the best Boeing could hope for.

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