Boeing makes available technical information about our airplanes that many people aren’t aware is out there.

One example we’ve talked about before is the excellent publication we call AERO. This is a quarterly that goes out to the operators of Boeing commercial airplanes, with the goal of providing some supplemental information that may be of use in daily fleet operations.


It’s also online. The latest issue of AERO, just out, has a number of interesting features, including some data you may find fascinating about the capabilities and systems of the first e-Enabled commercial airplane, the 787 Dreamliner.

You can also go back through the archives and see some of the other technical subjects we’ve covered.

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Chris C (South Africa):

Boeing's AERO Magazine and Frontiers Magazine are excellent to read. I'm particularly fond of AERO as the in-depth technical data provided makes for interesting reads. I've also applied some of AERO's flight operations suggestings (such as fuel conservation) into my own airplane operations at times and I've noticed a positive difference.

Frontiers is also great, and I look forward to reading the new issue monthly.

P.Sumantri (France):

I love reading Boeing's AERO magazine. I often recommend this magazine to friends. Although the content is very technical, the language used is understandable by people who don't work in engineering or flight ops.

I even used one AERO magazine article in one of my comments in your blog (Click here).

Vero Venia

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Their is nothing like AERO Magazine and New Frontiers Magazine to give the details that no other publication can give the reader about Boeing products and all the developments.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

AERO Magazine has great technical content, great read. Great forum for presenting new technologies and ideas for helping Boeing planes fly a little greener, lighter, faster, further - classier. Thanks

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