I wanted to give you a brief update and share a couple of new photos from the 787 factory.

They’re images of the Dreamliner that will be the 6th and final flight test airplane, designated ZA006.


A couple of first looks at Airplane 6 in final assembly this week in Everett.

There’s a lot going on right now as we gear up for first flight next quarter.

Our first flight test airplane, ZA001, is getting a paint touch up this week and then it’s on to some final testing. Airplane number 2 marked “power on” late last month, and production work is progressing on Airplanes 3, 4 and 5.

In terms of overall production, we have 31 Dreamliners in various stages of assembly throughout the world.

But seeing Airplane 6 in final body join now in our factory says to me that we’re in the home stretch to our flight test program – which will see all six airplanes flying later this year.

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Harilton Rodrigues (São Paulo, Brazil):

In fact this is a very important milestone. Nobody can deny.
The fleet for flight and ground tests are becoming ready. Congratulations once again.

Who is the customer supposed to receive the first A/C? Maybe a deal should be ponder to use it in the final phase of certification when you´ll need an A/C within an complete interior assembled. Activities running in parallel.

Good luck for you guys.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

WOW. Look at those doors - they're real. And look at those wings! Can't wait to see those in flight. Amazing wings! Well done on this milestone.

Just a side question here: Will we be able to watch the first flight live on the internet?

Paul Kent (Apex, North Carolina):

i'd love to hear your take on the wings - how come winglets give such a boost to 737's 747's 767's etc. what is different about Dreamliner wings that they don't have full-on winglets to start with?

Kinbin (Taipei Taiwan):

Glad to know that they are moving along.

Just git'er done and get the plane up asap. *Pronto* Pronto* Keep it on overdrive until flight test is stable.

Chris (Renton, Washington):

The 787 sure looks nice. I wish it all the best. I just wanted to send a huge "thank you" to the men and women of Boeing, that have taken on the almost impossible task of getting this airplane where it should have been a long time ago. This program has been a huge challenge, and I must admit, many disappointments came and went. Without the skill of Boeing's labor (not the outsource disaster), this 6th aircraft would not even have been where it is today.

I think the employees of Boeing deserve a huge pat on the back. We were handed a mess, and asked to take fix it. We took on the challenge. Without our skill, who knows where the 787 would be today!

Again, THANK YOU EMPLOYEES OF BOEING!!!!!!! The executives of Boeing should be proud of their workforce!!!!

William B. (wichita,ks):

The wings that are so strong yet look so sleek and delicate says to me that this is going to be an incredible aircraft

Rashi Narayanan (Everett, WA):

It is exhilarating to watch the Dreamliners assemble - we can literally see our work in progress! It is a amazing airplane - a true state of the art and I am very proud of our team. :)

Mike (Vancouver):

Will ZA006 be hung with GEnx engines?

I'm looking forward to hearing the fuel burn data for this great engine.

Go Dreamliner!

Greg Schmitz (Anchorage AK, ):

Better would be to see one of those "test" aircraft in the air.

So there are 6 sitting on the ground. Touch up paint? Give me a break. That's not a flight test program.

So far you do not have a flight test program, you have 6 hangar queens and 31 unknowns in production.

We have been hearing how well its going for 4 years now, and each time actually putting one in the air and seeing if it works is put back 3 month, 6 months repeatedly until its two years late now.

Its a huge leap, the right one. But you got wrinkles to come out yet, and flight test means flying, not talking about it.

I love the airplane, I love the idea, but until you get them into the air, its just 6 lumps of plastic sitting on the ramp.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

I can't wait until the first flight, it's been a long time coming but it is going to be spectacular to see the first true 21st century designed airliner take to the air for the first time.

James Baloun (Palo Alto, CA):

The title "Six-pack" reminds me of aluminum beverage cans compared to the aluminum fuselage and plastic bottles compared to the 787. But this also hints at the distant future and the serious topic of the eventual recycling of composite airframe parts. Maybe you can write someday about Boeing's research into the technology and environmental impact of recycling aerospace composites. Maybe someday aerospace composite recycling technology can be spun off into recycling of consumer composites.

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