Boeing Charleston

Boeing has completed the acquisition of the business and operations conducted by Vought in South Carolina, as part of the agreement announced earlier this month.

Boeing Completes Acquisition of Vought Operations in South Carolina

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P.Sumantri (France):

And yes, I am wondering if Boeing is going to buy Crane Aerospace and maybe Alenia Aeronautica too.

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Chris C (South Africa):

The “game-changing” 787 program will no doubt be one of the steepest learning curves in Boeing’s illustrious history, period. Whilst anxiety levels within Boeing are probably at near “nervous-breakdown’ levels with the continual delays to the Dreamliner, I think it’s only fair to salute the men and woman who are working around the clock and who are going beyond the call of duty to help get this beautiful airplane finally, safely and reliably into the air.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

If The acquisition of the troubled company was not made and allowed to essentially fail, the production of the 787 would be seriously delayed again, for longer, for certain.

I don't expect other companies other than the troubled Vought to be acquired in the future.

Jack Byrne (Seattle, WA):

The Vought purchase is a sign that in Washington, Boeing and the union have to find a new way of resolving their problems. They have to come together for substantial talks to save Washington jobs. The old ways of doing business, with mistrust on both sides, is not working. If they don't reach a solution, the Washington aerospace industry could go the way of the auto industry in the Midwest.

Harry W. Storms, Jr. (Charleston, SC):

When will you be accepting applications & resumes for the Charleston South Carolina Plant. Please advise!

Jorge Pozo (Charleston SC):

When are we going to see the 787 flying around Charleston SC area?

Reid Wyly (Charleston, SC):

How many employees has Boeing hired so far in Charleston? When is the plant to be fully operational and how many jobs will be created?

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