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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about 747-8 final body join - now in a handy 2-minute movie. Well, maybe not everything, but it’s a great video.

Take a look.


The first 747-8 Freighter is looking like a complete airplane now. Click on the image above to watch the progress.

As you can see in the video, last week we installed the horizontal stabilizers and vertical fin onto the first 747-8 Freighter in the final body join position.


A great view of the 747-8’s impressive vertical fin.

Next step: landing gear.

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Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

The 747-8 looks like it's making progress every day, congrats on the new worlds longest airliner.

Chris C (South Africa):

www.newairplane.com/747 has some really neat photo's of the aft fuselage section, Section 46 and Section 48, as well as the first photo that I've seen of the GEnx-2B67 engine in the Everett Factory.

Very neat photo of the huge vertical stabiliser on the -8F, thanks!! To think it has the same wing area as a 727's wing area! Incredible.


Great vids, as always with FBJs but good that Randy has put it up here.

For Boeing management to salvage and build on whatever little credibility left in the market with the current continuing 787 saga, it is probably notable that utmost importance be attached to the 747-8 timely delivery.

This remains primarily an Al-alloy build, with nuts and bolts, and fasteners. It ain't the 'cookie baking' composite 787 that one can cry over for mis-fits. This ought to 'snap together' like 'lego-blocks'.

Chris C (South Africa):

A slight correction to my earlier comment regarding the vertical stabiliser of the 747-8F: The horizontal stabiliser tailplane has a wing area that’s great than that of the 727’s wing area, whilst the vertical tail has an area of 830sqft, which is roughly 25% bigger than the wing of the first-generation 737! Something else that’s noteworthy is that the base of the vertical stabiliser is 38ft6” (11.7m) in length and it tapers to 13ft1” (3.99m) at the tip.

Glenn K. Broyles (Grand Prairie, Texas):

This was great to watch since most of us from Vought have been there at different times during the build as well as the build of each of the sections shown but it really sheds new light when seen in time laps photography like that. Thanks again and hope to see more as Boeing gets along further in their build process.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Very nice :) Thanks. You know, that tail fin - 'reaching the height of a six-storey building' - is quite iconic in its own right. It has made a lasting impression on South African Airways - their motif, which features the South African flag, is in the shape of the 747's tail. It's a nice shape.

On the 747, like the other aerofoils, its sleek sweptback profile is still a pretty bold statement to make about this aircraft's abilities. And impressive it is.

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

Officially, it is of course the 747-8, but to me it is more like the birth of a 747NG!

Mike (Manchester, UK):

My money's on this beauty flying before the 787.

There's much talk about the wings having to be removed from each assembled 787 in order to address the latest problem; is this true? :-(

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