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As I mentioned the other day, we’re moving 787s into position as we get ready to start the “side-of-body” modifications.

Well, now ZA002 has made its move.


ZA002, the second flight-test airplane - in the livery of launch customer ANA - moved today into a temporary structure on the Everett Flight Line.

I just have to say that’s one great looking airplane inside a snazzy looking structure.

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Mark (Los Angeles, CA):

I noticed that in your picture at the top of the page, you are no longer wearing glasses. Sporting contacts now? Lasik? Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the 787 fly!


Hi Mark,

You have a good eye. No pun intended. Yes we've just refreshed our banner at the top of the Journal. I hope you like it.

I'm sporting a type of contacts called monovision.

I've been wearing glasses since grade school and contact lenses since I turned a teenager. Over the last few years and as I've gotten a bit older, my reading vision has gone down hill - especially with my contacts in.

Well, the last few months, I've changed both my contacts and glasses and both are working great. So I split time between the two. I thought the "without" glasses photo might be nice for a change.

-- Randy Tinseth

Ankih Fre (Seattle, WA):

Good! I can't wait for the 787 to take the air. When are the modifications supposed to start?

Kevin (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada):

Does Boeing have an guesstimate of how long they expect the repairs to take?

P.Sumantri (France):

So, the aircraft one and two have completed gauntlet and taxi tests. The Aircraft one to four are getting the fix concurrently. Is that right?

Has the static test with the fix completed?

Interesting! There are chances to see number one and number two flying at the end of the year.

I am impatient to read your update on the next important 787 milestone.

My blog: verovenia.wordpress.com


you had beaten me to the bell on noticing the change in Randy's profile pix.

Randy is probably showing his age due to the stresses that he has imposed on himself. Aircraft sales remain in the *dumps* this year, in trickling volumes. That smile of his is almost kinda imposed.

The lasik, the dyed hair, his probably sparkling teeth devoid of coffee / cigar / wine accumulated stains, maybe even a tuck-in here and there to refresh his look.

And as Veep of Marketing, he is the face of Boeing to many. He needs the million dollar look to compliment the millions of dollars worth in an aircraft that he contributes to selling.

No offense above. Just merely speculative musings.

Jerry (New York, New York):

Thanks for keeping us abreast of steps being taken for the "side of body" modification.

This is a important stage of progress and we are looking for its successful completion and first flight.

Lewis (Boston, Mass):

The appearance of the modification work in a temporary structure or in the Paint shop seems to indicate that a specialized production line is not required.

It also gives the impression that this is a simpler task than if it were surrounded by a lot of workers, machinery and planes.

Is this an accurate take on these choice locations? I remember one Boeing Executive saying it could be repaired "in situ". This is pretty close to that!

Amin (Qom, Iran):

Good news from Everett again. I wish to see this beauty in our country and in our airlines' livery soon...

bill (wichita, Kansas):

Snazzy looking structure is right. That structure doesn't look like any hangar structure I have seen before. Can't see any vertical or horizontal bracing and no rigid joints at the eve level. Is that a temporary structure? And where is it located?

Nathan (Saint Louis, MO):

That "great looking airplane inside a snazzy" structure, is similar to a gold ring in a swines nose, because of what that scenario represents. Let's save the accolades for first flight, or first delivery, or maybe better still, wait until our customers start pouring on the compliments. I hope every day, the folks at Boeing are focused on execution, not positive spin.

Richard (Lake Tapps, WA):

That structure looks like a tent, or an open-ended pole barn. Is it planned for use with other planes as well?

chris isaacson:

Nice structure for now, but Fall is on the way and so are those wind rain storms of November!

Everett (Everett, WA):

Was the tent made specifically sized for the 787. It sure fits it well.

Sure hope that the "side of body" mod. is all it takes to change it from a full scale model airplane to an airplane.

Will the modifications affect anything other than weight?

TC (Mt. Vernon, WA):

The ANA jet from the blog entry "I get around" parked under cover. Endless summer's over, here comes the rain.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

The hanger looks somewhat like a hanger designed by the General Steel company. I remember seeing commercials some years ago from General Steel that showed structures that had the same design as seen here. I like it though.

Jetcity1 (Everett, Wa. USA):

The rainy season will be upon us real soon and hangar space is getting tight in this neck of the woods. When it gets wet and cold on the ramp at paine field, it can get real miserable. I sure hope things work out for the mod guys, the time in the warm summer sun is coming to a quick end.

AFP557 (France):

Why do the 787s have serial numbers beginning with ZA?
To my knowledge Boeing has never done this before.

Tom (North Bend, WA):

My father in law, Frank Judd, spoke often of the thrill of standing next to TA Wilson when the first 747 took to the air. ZA004 was ordered by NWA but I see the red tail has been reduced to a red rudder. Does this signal the end of the famous RED TAIL? Good luck with the first flight of the 787.

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