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DUBAI – As things get into full swing here at the air show, we have another great update to share on progress back home at the Everett factory. Over the weekend, the 787 team completed installing the side-of-body section reinforcements on Airplane 2 as well as on the static test airframe.


Modifications are complete on the static test airframe as well as Airplane 2 (above), which has been housed inside a temporary structure on the Everett flight line.

With the modifications now complete on these two Dreamliners, and last week’s completion of the installation on Airplane 1, the focus turns to the static testing to be conducted later this month - which is intended to validate the modification. The team is re-fitting the static test airframe with strain gauges and instrumentation required for testing.

As I mentioned earlier, at the same time, we’ve been restoring the airplanes and completing other functional tests needed for flight test.

Speaking of which, we’re still on track for first flight by the end of the year. This latest progress moves us closer to that vital milestone.

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David (Mizoram, Asia.):

Great to hear that three planes are now completed, but how about the other 4 test aircraft? Will they be completed within this month?

And whats the latest progress on the 3 747-8?

James Robinson (Long Beach CA):

The current re-enforcements at the wing to body join are as I understand the situation not a very elegant design, but more of a repair. Do you know which aircraft number on the line will have the permanent fix to the problem? Has Engineering figured out a permanent fix?

Jerry1t (New York, N.Y. USA):

Thanks again for the continuous updates. It sounds like there has been terrific progress on the 787 side of body fix and confidence that it will work.

Will Boeing announce the completion of the static wing test when it is over and, hopefully, successful? From previous information and news on the web, it appears that this should be determined before the end of November.

Wishing this phase a lot of good luck! Please keep us posted

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

With all the talk on A-net that by the end of the year means December 31st at 11:59PM, okay, I added the last one, I think the first flight will happen well before the last day with all the repairs being made now.

The best information comes from the source not from hearsay.

Alex Erochenko (Santiago, Chile.):

Good to hear that there is positive progress towards the 1st. test flight.

There are a lot of people waiting to hear that the whole project will fail.

Hard work pays off...

The Dreamliner family will be an outstanding success!
Good Luck!!!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

These planes - they're one of kind right now. I think I've gotten a little critical of how things have progressed but progress like this is not easy.

There is only one company on Forever New Frontiers. Good luck for the remainder of tests and modifications leading up to that first flight.

Alessandro (EU):

I still think the B748 will fly before the B787.

98% ready is fairly good as mentioned in later reports.

Certification process would also be easier on the Queen of the Skies.

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