Dressed to the eights

DUBAI - The 747-8 left the paint hangar last night back home in Everett, and there’s no mistaking the name of this airplane. Check out the super-sized “8” on the tail.


We’re calling this a “light” livery, and it’s special for the 747-8.

A “747-8” also is prominent on the belly of the airplane (which may a bit difficult to see in the photos). We think the special livery helps convey that this new airplane is unique.

It will remain on the first airplane through flight test.


Elements of this new look - including the “8” - will be incorporated in the full Boeing livery that we’ll see on a later airplane.

Now that the airplane is “dressed for success,” it begins preparing for the tests which will lead up to an early 2010 first flight.

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Chris C (South Africa):

The new, phenomenal 747-8F is simply beautiful!! Very sleek and ultra-efficient looking 747 and the new, fresh “light” paint-scheme is really neat!

The 747-8 is the world’s ultimate commercial airplane, period. All the very best for the first flight preparations, and the on-going sales campaigns for additional -8F and -8I orders! I’m thrilled to learn that the -8I has passed its critical design review and that engineering release drawings are near the 90% design release milestone!

TC (Mt. Vernon, WA):

The eighth wonder of the world in all its painted glory.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Lovely plane you got there. Yeah that eight is pretty visible. And some of the changes are clearly visible too - the raked wing tips, the smaller, more elegant engine pylons and of course, the impressive new engines and their chevron noise-cancelling features. Around 40 years ago, LN-1 rolled out with a red stripe. A 70-metre 'widebody'. A six-storey high tail. And hump out at the front. And yet, a significantly changed aircraft 40 years on.

Ankih Fre (Seattle Washington):

This must be an important milestone for Boeing, so congratulations. Even though I like the scheme, I love the other livery better. I hope you will start the ground tests now.


Let's put this turkey in the skies so it can become a flying bird! Job well done !

T Rennie. (wellington,nz.) (new zealand):

Born again 7478f, Queen of the sky, simply beautiful, dynamic, slick and ready to fly.

Trapperpk (Caldwell, ID):

A lot of wow factor went into the looks of this aircraft. Just simply beautiful... Compared to Airbus's offering, this looks like it just wants to fly!

What a beautiful aircraft. Now if its performance matches its looks, then I would say Boeing hit it out of the ballpark with bases loaded.

Tom P. (Stanwood, Washington):

One word..............WOW!

Barun Majumdar:

Surprised to learn that 747-8 does not wear the wing tips for fuel efficiency. The big bird looks pretty elegant though! I like the second author's quote.


Super-sized 8 on the tail? Are you looking at the same pictures I see? There is not an 8 on these pictures. Not a visible one. I feel like the emperor. And I want to see the 8, badly...


Take a close look. Look for the top part of an "8" surrounding the "747" and then continuing onto the rear fuselage. It's there!

-- Randy Tinseth

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Simply amazing, a grace like no other plane in the world, well done.

A. R. (Grtr Seattle, WA):

Beautiful airplane, but I had also difficulty finding the "8" on the tail. Maybe making it smaller and "more complete" would help.

Tony F (Auckland, New Zealand):

Wow look at the wings on that bird!


Bravo Zulu Boeing!

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

747 Forever!

The raked wing tips (like those on 767-400ER, 777-200LR, 300ER, 787) reduce the wing tip vortices, which reduces the induced drag just like winglets.

Thiagarajan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Its Best! Its Biggest! Its Boeing 747-8 and Beyond!

Greg (San Jose, CA):

To answer Barun Majumdar's comments on missing "wing tips for fuel efficiency":

Like the 787, the 747-8's wing has raked wingtips, which do improve fuel efficiency. In comparison, the 737-NG features more visible, blended winglets to improve its fuel efficiency.

john d (Australia):

Simply majestic, looking forward to seeing this bird in MEL at some stage. Looking forward to the day I can put a model of this ac in my display cabinet along with the other 747 derivatives I have. Well done Boeing, the Queen of the Skies with a new "crown".

Tom Collins (Bristol, UK):

Looks fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing her in the air soon.

My only slight disappointment is that we don't get to see her in the originally-expected Dreamliner livery. If/when the 747-8i rolls out, I'll have my fingers crossed in hope that she's in the full blue livery.

Immortalis (Hungary):

Wow, beautiful AC. Too bad I am never going to see her @ LHBP.

Tim (Baltimore, Md):

The 747 never looked so good !!
I have a hunch that the performance numbers are going to shock and surprise everyone ( in a good way, that is )...

Tim (Baltimore, Md):

Remember those naysayers that say that the 747 is a old and out dated airframe design ?

Well, what do the naysayers know, forget what they say,
The 747-8F/I look ?


Futuristically BEAUTIFUL !!

Kind of like in a movie around 2050 !!!!!!

I bet, those airlines that are sitting on the fence waiting to make a order for the 747-I will be looking at this airplane with interested and excitement and maybe might just be putting in orders for the 747-I very soon...

The " keeping up with the Jones " of those airlines who ordered the A-380 wears off after awhile, but, a proven aircraft like the 747 is legendary.

ACGuy711 (Dallas, TX):

The 747-8 has a supercritical wing like the 787 that performs the same functions as the winglets for fuel efficiency.

So it doesn't need them because the purpose is built in!

James Baloun (Palo Alto, California):

The full Dreamliner livery would have looked great but the simple white fuselage with the single "Dreamliner" stripe looks clean and looks like Boeing had a mind to save cost on the paint job (smart). This is not a show-plane as much as it is a working test aircraft and has a job to do.

Good luck in flight test!

The tests should go smoothly as Boeing has a very good understanding of what a 747 can do. And it can do a lot! If you told the 747 engineers 40 years ago that it would someday carry a Space Shuttle, fight fires, carry the SOFIA telescope, and become a Dreamlifter, they would have been amazed. The Queen of the Skies has aged quite gracefully and she knows how to fly!

Robert (Vancouver B.C. Canada):

The new 747 is still and will be the Queen of the Skies. Long, sleek & graceful. Wow, looks great in the new paint scheme. The most recognisable airliner in the world for the past 40 years and for years to come gets better. With the A380 ( a fine plane, but biggest doesn't mean the best) being touted as the newly anointed King of the sky. But as with most Kings they are bloated, bulky and have no appeal. Long live the Queen.

The 707 & 747 are the 2 planes in the world that changed aviation for passenger flight and set the standard of excellence to be measured against.

Looking forward to the short drive south from Vancouver to Everett to see them on tarmac and flying.

AA Pedregosa (HongKong):

I like the engine and the raked wingtips most. I like to see these engines roar (or meoww) with power.

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