Highlights from Charleston

Back in Seattle now, getting caught up on business after visits to Thailand and Vietnam last week.

I wanted to let you know we’ve just posted some video highlights of a historic day for Boeing earlier in November.


Click above to go to the 787 Dreamliner Milestones site and view the “New Feature,” the Charleston groundbreaking video.

There was a lot of news around the groundbreaking ceremony at the new 787 final assembly site at Boeing Charleston.


A Dreamlifter forms a dramatic backdrop as Commercial Airplanes CEO Jim Albaugh addresses the crowd at the Charleston site.


With a cry of “Gentlemen, start your engines,” the groundbreaking begins.

Certainly, this was a major event for the local South Carolina community as well as for our company.

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F. Borowiecki (Everett, WA):

I just wanted to ask whether or not the Charleston facility would complete out 787s for delivery to the customer, or whether 787s would fly to Everett for passenger cabin interior installation and deliver to the customers from there?

If it's the former, that could mean a logistical nightmare for all the Interior parts - being stored in two locations 2000+ miles apart cannot be conducive to 'just in time' installations.



Yes, Charleston will be a full final assembly and delivery center facility.

-- Randy Tinseth

Greg Schmitz (Anchorage AK, USA):

Notice its a foreign made machinery doing the site prep?

Guess we know where Boeing is going next.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Good for Charleston, good jobs will be made.

Mike Rose, CCIM (Charleston,SC):

Thanks for the update. We're very proud to have Boeing here in Charleston and look to a bright future for us all. We are equipped to assist Boeing and any suppliers with any needs.

See our website at www.787Charleston.com as to our services available.

Bill Hodges (Charleston, SC and Columbia, SC):

We in South Carolina are very excited about having such a quality company as Boeing coming to South Carolina.

All of you moving here can expect to find one of the most colorful and exciting old cities in the U.S.A. Charleston is a very charming city and has much to offer you and your families.

The city has some excellent universities and colleges. It is a world center for the Arts, e.g., the Spoleto Festival is held in Spoleto, Italy and Charleston, SC, and it is a world class festival that deals with all the arts.

The beaches and waters offer much in the way of sports and outdoors recreation. I'm a golfer and inland salt water fisherman who has never seen it all as to this area's riches.

Welcome to S.C., Boeing. We look forward to meeting all of you.

Nicholas Marshall (Hudson Falls, NY 12839):

Charleston, SC will is the best choice to have it. they could have not picked a better place

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