Hot, hot, hot

DUBAI – Our days at the air show started out warm, and just got hotter in the significant heat and sunshine of the flight line.

With little of the breeze we felt during the first day, the last few days of the show definitely heated up in more ways than one.


In action at Dubai – delivering the Middle East market outlook.

Much of my Day 2 at the show was focused on presenting the Boeing market outlook for the Middle East. About 30 reporters were at the event, all keenly focused on any signs of market recovery.

What I told them is that we see next year as the year of recovery, with profitability for the industry returning in 2011.

You can take a look at a pdf of my presentation here.

Reporters were also looking for news on our development programs, and we had good progress to report both on the 787 side-of-body modifications, and on the factory completion of the 747-8. As I told media here this week, the first 747-8 is now 98% complete, and on the Intercontinental, the passenger version, we have 87% of the engineering design complete, which is ahead of plan.

From that session with reporters, we earned some great media coverage in regional and international outlets.


A view of the Boeing exhibit at Dubai.

We did see a bit of order news as well here in Dubai. Boeing announced an order for 4 Next-Generation 737-800s from Algerian carrier Tassili Airlines – their first Boeing order. In addition, Air Algerie ordered 7 Next-Generation 737-800s at the show.

But, as I mentioned the other day, clearly this year’s DAS was not about a huge glut of airplane orders. It has been more about building and growing our relationships here in the region. I can tell you that at the Boeing Chalet, we did see a marked increase in the number of customer meetings. And that’s a good thing.

On the flip side, as the week continued, we did see a drop off in the number of air show attendees. As a result, the process of entering the air show through a couple of different security check points and screenings went much more quickly than at the start of the week.

Finally, as the show wound down, I got a chance to tour that newly delivered Qatar 777-200LR on static display here at the show.


I know I’m a bit biased, but this Qatar 777-200LR is truly a beautiful airplane, both outside and inside.

It’s just the kind of airplane you wouldn’t mind flying on a 14-hour trip from Doha to Down Under. Or perhaps from Dubai to Singapore – which is where I’m headed next!

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Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Though large aircraft orders are not expected, relationships with the airlines with current Boeing planes will be looked after and new relationships will be created.

I am happy that Air Algerie and Tasili have ordered the 737-800, relationships with small airlines are just as important as relationships with large carriers.

mildred a. hughes (everett,wa.):

the preview of the airplane was great. Interiors and
exteriors have come a long way since the beginning
of the first 747 which is when I started here. A
great line of airplanes we have produced over the

Alessandro (EU):

Shame that both B787 and B748i is delayed, lot of need for air travel during the Soccer World Cup in June 2010. Large countries like Brazil, Nigeria and USA are among the 32.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

There was an air show some time in the last decade. Airbus got orders for $15 billion. Boeing announced orders for three 777-300ER's worth $525 million with JAL - I think, adding simply that air shows aren't held on December 31st.

Remember thinking how that $525 million was equivalent to the Pan Am order for 25 747's - the launch order. Back to point, the 777-300ER is now industry standard.

Great showing in Dubai 2009. Enjoy the flight :)

M. Mansoori (Rancho Cucamonga, California):

"If its not Boeing...I aint going." That's right baby, Boeing dominates over Airbus in not only aviation, but military defense and a good contractor for NASA as well. Boeing Aerospace will not lead with complication, but with sophisticated and complex technologies of the 21st century.

I love Boeing forever, I am so happy to see them roll out the first Boeing 747-8F version, can wait to see the 747-8 passenger version!!! oh and the 787 Dreamliner as well.

Clive Richardson (Dubai UAE):

As the organisers of the Dubai Airshow we were delighted by the quality and quantity of trade visitors coming to the event this year. I have never seen such a high level delegation programme, and the number of Sheikhs, Ministers and dignitaries visiting the event this year was the highest ever.

Congratulations to Boeing on a great participation, and we look forward to supporting the world's aerospace industry here again in Dubai in 2011.

Ivan Walsh (Beijing):

Can I say that this is the first corp blog I've book-marketed. Most are pretty lame but this has a nice personal touch to it.

Someone, somewhere deserves credit for this, besides yourself of course.

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