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BANGKOK - I’m in Thailand, headed to Hanoi next, and getting set to wrap up a long couple of weeks, which included visits to Dubai and Singapore, along with media briefings here in Southeast Asia.

Speaking of Dubai, a very good roundup from the air show is now available from Al Jazeera. In Part 2 of the piece, there’s an interview with yours truly, at around 4:00 into the story.

A lot to catch up with, and before I head home I wanted to share with you some more material around the first 747-8 including some new photos and a video.


Out of the factory ..


.. and headed to paint.


The 747-8 leaves the factory for the first time. Click on the image above to go to the video.

Earlier this month we published the first pictures of the 747-8 Freighter as it left the factory. Well, call this my Thanksgiving holiday gift to you, more images of this impressive airplane, and a pretty cool video (above) of the airplane as it left the factory.

Below, some scenes of the 747-8 inside the paint hangar and heading to the flightline.


Above, a really good look at that “8” on the tail. And below, the newly painted airplane rolls on.


Now, if after that visual feast, you’re still hungry for more, there’s a gallery of images up on our newairplane site.

Comments (11)

Ankih Fre (Seattle WA):

Thank you Randy. The images are awesome.

When will you start ground testing?

Thiagarajan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Thank you sir for the wonderful visual updates.
Looking forward for the 1st flight.

Steve (Siggenthal Station, Switzerland):

Thanks for the great pics and video.

The new Queen is all dressed up and about to take her throne!

By the way, I'm also in Bangkok this week, then heading to Singapore. I'll buy you a Beer at Bully's Pub if you're in the area!

Happy travels, hope you get to make it home for Thanksgiving!

Daniel Tsang (Hong Kong):

Happy Thanksgiving, Randy!

I think this "lighter" Boeing livery just looks as great as the full one!

And I think this "lighter" livery is brighter, too!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

With all due respect Sir, this rocks! Fantastic plane!

Norman (Long Beach,California,United States):

The A380 cannot beat the grace and aesthetics of the 747-8.

Angel Ortuño (Spain):

Amazing pics Randy!

Thanks for the gift, really I enjoyed it, fantastic airplane.

Best regards, and very happy Thanksgiving!

Jay Rong (Everett, WA):

Wow! Awesome paint job and scheme! Very nice work.

Phil (Wokingham Berkshire UK):

Quite nice visuals, the new cheat line colour scheme is a vast improvement on previous Boeing test designs, reasonable freighter orders exist but pray when will we see the critical commercial operator orders that this programe demands?

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

In these economic times, it's hard to expect any order for a very large airliner. But once the conditions improve, the airlines currently operating the 744 which have ordered the A380 will need something in between the 773/A346 and A380.

Just wait and see.

Of course, I could be wrong but even so, many airlines are deriving more of their revenues from cargo business than ever before--they will need the 747-8F with its nose door.

James (Honolulu, Hawaii):

About the livery... I was always a fan of the old red and blue stripe scheme, even if it looked like United Airlines'.

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