Every once in a while, I come across a story on the Web that really “gets it” – that captures what our industry is all about.


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I want to share one such story I just read, from a Europe-based blogger.

The post is called Visiting Friends and Relatives.

For many of us on this planet, air travel has made “VFR,” as the writer puts it, possible like never before - with the ability today to visit and stay in touch with people we care about, even if they live on another continent.

What really engaged my mind - and heart – about this particular post is how the author, a fellow engineer and aviation industry veteran, first muses about his experience flying on a 777-300ER, along with his thoughts about improving the airplane, and then segues into a very personal story.

Be sure you also click over to his related post, Do it now! which is embedded in the VFR story. My guess is, after you read this, you’ll finally book that flight you’ve been putting off to see a loved one.

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P.Sumantri (France):

I am immensely honored to be mentioned by your blog.

Thank you for reading my humble blog. I am wondering if your Counterpart (click here) reads it too.

Emil M. Hitt (hazelwood, missouri):

Randy, after getting seriously sick and realizing I may pass away and not have done some things that I wanted to do, I added one word to my vocabulary. That word is "not" so the question goes from "WHY" to "Why Not" and that will change all that you do in life, it certainly did for me.

Keep up the good work.

Staci (St. Louis, Missouri, USA):

Sometimes the simplest posts are the most meaningful. We have the ability to connect with our loved ones that are far away via the phone and internet, but nothing beats that one-on-one time.

Mark (Seattle, Wa):

The Commercial Airplane division has made it possible for more people to connect than any single entity in the history of the world.


Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

I think this story represents and relates the lives of most people on the day to day perspective. Many of us and certainly I can relate to this story.

Mariela (Mexico):

Great blog. Congratulation. =)

Drew (Harmony, NC, USA):

I liked the comments and engineering analysis just by sitting in the aircraft during a flight. I believe the DC-10 was improved immensely with mostly interior material changes to lighten the load and improve performance. This aircraft engineer is on the right path. Lets make what we have even better. Kudos to the blog post!

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