KAL goes Intercontinental

I have to make a confession. I’m a little biased toward the 747-8.

So it’s a bit hard to contain myself in light of the newest order for the 747-8 Intercontinental.


Looking great in Korean Air livery.

Korean Air, one of the premier carriers in the world, has ordered 5 Intercontinentals, the passenger version of the 747-8. The airplanes will join the 7 747-8 Freighters Korean has arranged to operate.

The Intercontinental is going to be great for Korean’s plans to fly to the Americas and to Europe.


Click on the video image above to watch some computer-generated scenes of the Korean Air 747-8 in flight.

This is such good news for the program and for all of the people who are working hard to bring this great airplane to the market.

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Andrew Boydston (Caldwell,ID):

Congratulations to Boeing on this milestone with its marketing strategy. I suspect there will be others coming on-board once she flies. 747-8i's excellent new performance metrics may surprise the industry.

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

I am 100% sure that Korean Air will buy many more than the initial batch of 5!

Ankih Fre (Seattle WA):

Good. Please keep us updated with more news from the 748 program.

Tim (Balto , Md.):

Congratulations for Boeing for securing this order from KAL.
See Randy ? I told you so, once airlines see the 747-8F in real life and watch the flight testing phase, they will and are getting excited about this plane and order it.

Thiagarajan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Congratulation to Boeing and let the momentum begin moving forward

Chris C (South Africa):

Congratulations and well done! This firm order from Korean Air for five highly-efficient, ultra-capable, advanced and optimised 747-8Is is truly stupendous! The 747-8I is the logical airplane for the 400seat and larger jetliner market and will, without a doubt, be a hugely profitable and market preferred product for Korean Air.

I’m absolutely thrilled that Boeing has secured this excellent blue-chip and highly reputable airline as a 747-8I customer, and this order indeed represents a significant boost to the -8I program. I’m also firmly certain that we’ll have a number for additional customers signing up for the -8I program in the coming months that’ll join Lufthansa and Korean Air in launching the 21st-century 747 – the pinnacle of airborne excellence.

What is also very special about this order is that Korean Air is a stalwart 747 operator, like Lufthansa. With this order for 5 -8Is, Korean Air has ordered a total of 72 747s, including variants like the special 747-SP and -400ERF.

It’s been a long time coming for a new -8I customer, but it’s certainly been worth the wait! All the very best for the other on-going sales campaigns to sell many more phenomenal -8Is and -8Fs! Well done again to the entire Boeing team...you’ve done Boeing proud. And well done to Korean Air for selecting this world-class 747 product. It’ll be a huge success with the passengers and your bottom line!



Greatest news to 747-8 program and Boeing family, long life to Queen of Skies!

Cheers from Spain!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

The 747-8 Intercontinental looks spectacular in the Korean Air livery, congratulations on the new order!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Congratulations to Boeing for signing such an outstanding group - for such an outstanding aircraft. Well soon, enough the Intercontinental will be getting all the attention just as the Freighter peaks. Nice work!


Great news for Boeing! Now with the 787 set to fly you will be able to tweet up the 777 so that it will be better than the A350 in every department.

Emil M. Hitt (st. louis, Missouri):

Randy, nice job with securing the Korean order, look to many more to come. I was looking with interest the other day when the new paint scheme was shown on the 747 freighter. I watched the process, of painting white then masking the unit and painting the blue stripe. I believe if they painted it in reverse we could save time and a lot of paper and tape. Paint blue first, mask off the blue then overcoat the aircraft with white. Hope this suggestion will help with saving money, time and speed up the process.

Continue the good work.

Joel Davidson (Washington DC):

Hi Randy

this is awesome news, keep up the good work!


Rob (Sin City - Las Vegas):

I believed once Luthansa and Korean Air use the new planes and the word would get out, more orders would followed.
Probably all current 747 operator are candidates for the -8I.
Plus, looked like the Russians may turned out to become a major Boeing operator.

Essex Montana:

I too am glad that Korean Air secured five 747-8I's, and I hope that they will purchase more of them. I was soooooooooooooooo worried that the A380 would spell the demise of the 747. Airbus unfairly has tried to outsell Boeing, and I am glad that Boeing is starting to bounce back. I hope Airlines too will see that the 747-8I is better than the A380. I think right now that the problem with airlines this day and age is that they complain about four engined jets consuming too much fuel, yet they want a new toy like the A380 to show off.

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