Power of four

We’ve reached another milestone on the 747-8 program - successful completion of the first engine runs.


A good view of two of the four GEnx-2B engines powering the 747-8.


During the engine run test, the engines are started and operated at various power settings.

After powering down the engines, the team began an inspection that will be followed by additional engine testing.


About 100 lucky spectators got to watch the engine runs.

By the way, I’ve been meaning to share a new video with you (below).

It takes you from the roll into paint of the first 747-8 through the entire painting process and the finished product. I think you’ll really enjoy this one.


Click on the image to watch the 747-8 “in the paint.”

Comments (12)

Chris C (South Africa):

Beautiful engines! It’s great to see such good, solid and efficient progress being made in preparation for first flight of the phenomenal 747-8F early next year.

J J Pothoven (Schiphol, Netherlands):

Good thing to see the progress made on this aircraft. Sure hope to see the first flight next month and that it will act as a boost for operators to take options and eventually orders on the Intercontinental.

Keep up the good work!

Amy (Houston, TX):

Thanks for sharing the video of the 787 in the paint shop. It's pretty neat, but there was one thing I wasn't expecting: they wrap the plane in PAPER.

Really. Brown craft paper. Just like Martha Stewart would for a painted craft project, but on a VERY large scale. And all that painting is still done by hand, not automated. Amazing, and condensed into a 2-minute clip.

Looks really good when it comes out of the paint shop, too.

Don Harrington (Bellevue, WA):

I agree with a poster from a previous log entry. Paint the blue parts first. You'd save a TON in paper and tape. Of course, you might use a bit more white paint to cover the overspray. It might be interesting to see a cost-benefit analysis.

On to first flight!

Jay (Somewhere cold & wet):

Why only three windows on the upper deck???

Is this a special config. for the flight test aircraft?
Or did you guys just paint & re-engine an old 747-100 that was lying round the back shed? :-)

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

One can see the visible differences between the 747-400 and the new 747-8 with the bigger engines with the wide chord fan blades and noticeably larger landing gear.

William Burnett (Hunbtington Beach):

Comment has to do with the article stating that United is considering Bombardier’s CSeries as a replacement for the Boeing 737s that recently were dropped from the carrier’s fleet... seems a shame that we/Boing have dropped the ball after producing the great 717 airplane.... seems like we are going to give up this market, where we had it in our hands... any chance that Boeing could enhance the 717 design and come up with a better choice than the CSeries or the older 737's?

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Awesome! Congratulations - may the force be with you! More of the obvious changes are visible in these pictures. What of noise level?

I take the title of the post to be a another play on a song title.

@ Jay
This is the freighter. Boeing is doing this one first this time. The Intercontinental, which is awesomer still, will start coming together next year. It's got the stretch upper deck.

Jay (Somewhere cold & wet):

@ Paulo M

Thanks for that update – I’ve never noticed before that the –F has a different upper deck window configuration to the pax version.
It’s the same with the -400 & -400F.

ikidyounot (Los Angeles, CA):

Somebody really screwed-up picking that paint job. Look at how much work was involved painting that blue stripe. The workers in the paint hanger had to wrap the entire plane just to paint that blue stripe!!!! What a waste of time, materials and man hours.

codee :

It only has 3 windows because it is a freighter.

StarBlue (Roy, Utah):

For Jay, actually the upper deck is the short deck that is seen on the -100, -200, and some -300 models. The stretched upper deck was an option for the -300 and thus is why Singapore Airlines used Mega Top to advertise it. The -400/-400D/-400ER all had the stretched deck but the -400F/-400ERF again had the short (3-windows) upper deck. Now the way to tell a -300 stretch upper deck is that it has the -100/-200 style wings with the long antenna coming off the aft wingtips (See Air Force One for pictures). The -400s, all but the -400D, have the angled winglets. Now if anyone can tell me how to spot the different between the -100/-200 I would appreciate it!

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