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Gauntlet testing of ZA001, the first 787, has started in Everett.

You may remember that earlier this year, I explained that these tests simulate flying conditions and put the systems through their most robust integration testing before flight – essentially to ensure the flight readiness of the airplane’s systems.


Final gauntlet testing underway this week on ZA001.

Since the earlier gauntlet and during the last several months, we made some improvements to further expand the airplane’s systems while the team worked through strengthening the side-of-body joint.

What this means is that we need to run some of the tests again. The earlier final gauntlet testing lasted more than a week. It won’t run that long this time. I’ll let you know when it’s complete. 

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JAHC (Monterrey, MX):

Hope it's soon. I can´t wait to see that baby in the air! Go 787!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

With the recent progress made and the new order from United Airlines, I feel a renewed sense of optimism on the 787, congrats on the gauntlet test.

Mike Mike (Moscow, Russia):

I sincerely hope to see 787 – “Game Changer” in flight before Christmas.

We waited this moment more than two years… It will be Great Present for many of us.

Dream is converting to Real. Good Luck to 787: to Airplane and to the Team!

AVR (Canada):

I just want to see this beautiful plane fly, worked on this baby for three years and finally it will be flying....sweet.

Richard Hoffman (Berkley, MO):

Congrats on the 787 "Dream" Team pulling it together, putting on the "rally" caps. Here's to capping off a challenging year in a fantastic way!

Lance M (Singapore-SDC) (Singapore, Singapore):

Now with First flight of the 787 real soon...I hope that the 787 is everything we hope and more for the future of Boeing, our valued customers, and the aviation industry as a away Dream away

Minghui Yang (Olympia, WA, US):

We are all looking forward to our lucky bird flying in the blue sky before the New Year. This will be the best Christmas and New Year gift for Boeing and the aerospace industry.

I am so proud that I am working for the 787 provisioning planing and forecasting. We know it is the cold winter right now. But we also know the warm spring is coming soon.

Celso Villanueva (Winnipeg Canada) :

I sure hope to see this baby on the air its been long two and half year wait. all of us here in Winnipeg Division will be happy to see that baby on the air well be watching.

Mark Goldhamer (Seal Beach, CA):

So, if there was a pool, I'd take Sunday, December 20th at 11 a.m. as the first flight liftoff time.

Angel (Murcia, Spain):

Thanks for the update Randy.

Great news about development of Dreamliner program, the countdown to the first flight each day closer.

Congratulations to Boeing employees, and good luck for the expected first flight.

Emil M. Hitt (st. louis, Missouri):


Dan McNeill (St Louis, MO):

As with many of my co-workers, I anxiously await the "We have rotation!" as the Dreamliner lifts from the runway.

It's kind of like taking the kids on a trip with the incessant "AreWeThereYet-AreWeThereYet-AreWeThereYet?"

Maybe for some of us there is the impatience of Pope Julius II with Michelangelo "When will it be Finished!"

But for most of us I think it is like being a child trying to sleep through Christmas night wondering "Has he been here yet?"
I truly wish the Dreamliner team the best in their efforts to launch this work of art.

James Robinson (Long Beach):

I have no doubt the plane will fly, will offer savings in operating costs, and will be successful in the long term.

Getting the plane in the air will help public perception of Boeing and no doubt cause the stock price to bounce up in the short term.

To the 787 Team, keep up your efforts in the medium term. Through your efforts the plane will get certified, delivered, and developed to the point it meets performance goals.

Mike Piccardo (Sunnyvale, CA):

JAHC - my sentiments exactly!!!!

Ron (Pacifica, CA):

I wrote this many years ago- It has multiple meanings but I think it may be apropos as we enter the next phase of the 787 program... Let's get this Bird in the air!


The Fear wells up inside,
And Trust begins to dim,
As you reach for that sweetest of Fruit,
Which lies on the most tenuous limb!

Longing to taste flavors,
Which gods alone ordain
You begin to sense possible doom,
As the words in Doubting’s song remain!

What if, perchance, you might
Attain the orb of gold?
But no, alas, the Risk is too great-
Or at least, that is what you’ve been told!

It could be somewhat spoiled;
It might be rank or sour;
But your heart tells you a diff’rent thing-
Fruit’s sweet savor creates its power!

You clutch the tree’s firm trunk,
Fearing the Fear you’ll fall,
You stretch, you grasp, you strain hopelessly,
When you let go, it’s then you gain All!

The Fruit awaits your lips,
To assure you t’was worth
The perilous chance you are taking,
In defying the pull of the Earth!

So, then, what can be done-
Gravity’s fate deny?
In abandoning fear to the wind,
You take up wings and begin to Fly!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Love the title of this post - the artist Kelly Clarkson will be in South Africa this coming March.

Looking forward to seeing the build-up on and Twitter.

Nice posts by John D O'Meara Sr. & Ron.

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