The 787 Dreamliner is in the air!

787 first flight at take off photo
787 first flight photo

Follow the progress of first flight live online at the 787 Dreamliner First Flight Web site.

We’ll post up some more photos later today.

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Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Congratulations to all involved to make the 787 happen the workers on the floor, the engineers, the media everybody, I saw the first flight of the 787 live from the Boeing media, it was spectacular, a great day!

Gordon Werner (Seattle, WA):

Congratulations Boeing!

Was a beautiful sight to witness in person this morning ... what a gorgeous aircraft!

Theoden (Clinton, MI):

Good work, fellas!


Well done.Let's see what all the knockers have to say now!!

Jon E (Coral Springs, FL ):

Congratulations to the whole Boeing team that made this first flight possible!!!!

I enjoyed watching the takeoff on the webcast and look forward to more pictures of today's flight.

Randy, were you able to be back in Washington to see the first flight, I sure hope you were.

Thank-you for giving everyone in the world the opportunity to see this important event.

Thank-you Randy for doing a good job in keeping us informed.

Now we can look forward next year to the 747-8 first flight.

TC (Mt. Vernon, WA):

"In your little blue suit you're a super hot ninja machine" -Mugatu from Zoolander

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Absolutely awesome!! Congratulations to Boeing and its partners on today's achievement. An achievement that will live long in the history of flight.

The Dream is Real!

Karl (NY):

Thanks Randy for the many posts you've done lately. I personally think that it is much better when one gets the story strait from the company itself. For once, all the pictures that you put up on your blog look so much better than any other one could find on the web for the same event. For example, these two pictures of the Dreamliners up in the air are just marvelous. If I could get a higher resolution I would make it my desktop background on my PC. Keep up the good work. I certainly appreciate the time you take out of your day to write something for us to enjoy.

Richard M (New South Wales):

Up, Up, Up and Away !

Well done for "Workin' on a Dream" like the Springsteen song.

Love the Boeing !

lucklucky (Lisboa, Portugal):

Congrats :)

diane (Cary, NC):

Beautiful takeoff and fabulous landing! Congratulations to Boeing and to everyone who has worked on the 787. Looking forward to a smooth test flight program and timely certification.

Azamiruddin (Kedah, Malaysia):

Finally, we made it...

Thiagarajan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Top marks Boeing..787 is magnificent, beautiful and graceful in its first flight

Dan (Australia):

Did ZA001 make the whole flight with the landing gear down or was it raised for some part?

It was a beautiful sight to see the 787 lift off the runway and into its natural habitat!

Cameron Tu (Murrieta, California):

It's amazing to see this bird in the air. Sure there were delays, but all it did was make us feel closer to the plane itself.

Todd (Virginia Beach,Virginia):

I have been following the 787 program daily for the past year and a half,and too finally see it fly was fantastic. Congratulations to all at Boeing.

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