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We’ve just updated our newairplane site with an information-rich package called 747-8 Design Highlights.


Click on the image above to go to the 747-8 Design Highlights site.

On the site you can explore a number of interactive features, such as the passenger experience on the new 747-8 Intercontinental, the -8’s economics and performance, the market leadership and efficiency of the -8 Freighter, details on the flight deck, wing and engines, environmentally progressive features, and a lot of other highlights of this new airplane.

Let me know what you think.

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alexandar (oakland):

Very sexy!

I cannot wait to see the 748 in the air.

Tom Prettyman (Stanwood, WA):

Randy, Two Words.............WAY COOL!

Daniel Ding (Toronto, Ontario):

Awesome! Nice site full of neat information. Can't wait to see the Queen of the Skies take flight!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

I like the interior of the 747-8 and how it matches the interior design of the 787. A lot of airlines that operate the current 747-400 are missing out on a true twenty-first century modern airliner that would be a great successor to the 747-400.

Chris C (South Africa):

This truly is a wonderful interactive website highlighting the amazing capabilities and class leading performance of the phenomenal 747-8 family! I’ve spent a few hours now viewing this great website, and it’s an absolute pleasure to view this new site. The clear explanation of the GEnx-2B67 engine was a highlight for me. Incredible website for an incredible airplane! All the very best of success for the on-going sales campaigns to sell many more of these 747-8Is and -8Fs!!

Iman (Jakarta, Indonesia):

I cannot wait to enter the 747-8I! I hope that the 747-8I gets more new orders.

Gregg (Everett):

I work on the 787 and I have to say the 747-8 is one of the best planes I ever seen and respect!

Dexter Smith (Bellevue, WA, USA):

Very nice! By the way, what's going on with the 787 flight test? We haven't heard anything since the first flight of #2 a while ago. It makes me uneasy not to hear that things are going smoothly.

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

The high tech 748 now has a high tech website to go with it.

The 'read more' bar in 'Technologically Advanced' section actually allows a 360 degree view!

Tim (Baltimore, Md):

Randy ?

Maybe it's my memory block, but, didn't the early pictures of the 747-8I interior have the windows looking more like the 787 windows ?

In a way, I am kinda disappointed because I thought Boeing was going to make the new interior look more modern ... those windows in the new web page for the 747 look like a throw back to the 70's ...

Isn't there a way for Boeing to use the more rounder windows on the 747-8I ?

Wade (Winnipeg Mb. Canada):

I wouldn’t have thought it possible for the "Queen of the Skies" to be anymore beautiful than she already was. Boy was I wrong.

Thiagarajan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

One word to say it all...SUPERB!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Wow! Fantastic airplane. Having the 747-8 Intercontinental 'fly' on my desktop - magic!

One of the many things I didn't know about this airplane was the inclusion of the EFB. With it, Boeing's truly got an advanced cockpit inline with today's expectations.

Fantastic plane all-round. This is the one where pictures almost speak louder than words. Happy sales campaigns!

Chris C (South Africa):

This truly is a wonderful interactive website highlighting the amazing capabilities and class leading performance of the phenomenal 747-8 family! I’ve spent a few hours now viewing this great website, and it’s an absolute pleasure to view this new site. The clear explanation of the GEnx-2B67 engine was a highlight for me. Incredible website for an incredible airplane! All the very best of success for the on-going sales campaigns to sell many more of these 747-8Is and -8Fs!!

Scott Putnam (Redding, CA):

Splendid, seemingly simple design by Boeing interior engineers. It will be interesting to see how this plan translates over time: will it be indicative of the 2010's (much like designs of the '70's are immediately noted) or will its design transcend generational labelling? Thanks for sharing the pictures Randy. I am curious as to whether Lufthansa and Korean Air are incorporating these concepts or planning their own?

John Simpson (Melbourne Australia):

Last month I flew Sydney Singapore return, on business, on British 747-400's. After seeing the discussions on "Skyloft" ...It struck me how ordinary the main deck galleys on the -400 made the cabin feel. If the galleys can be moved into the roof, it would improve the utility and feel of the cabin. It will make for a better flight.

My thoughts are as a buyer of long haul tickets.

Richard M (New South Wales):

I was so impressed with your very cool, interesting, exciting and educational 747-8 Design Highlights site that I emailed a link to 200 colleagues ! Amusingly, one guy said "There's only 3 windows in the upper deck!". I told him it was the freighter. Another said that the side livery curves are reminiscent of a blue whale. Ha Ha!

Seriously, I liked the engine animations.

The site will keep up people's interest in the 747-8.

I CAN wait to the see the 747-8 in the air.
This complex project will be the sky's star performer and deserves patience.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

It is no mistake that 40 years after the first 747 went into service with Pan Am that the 747 is still the queen of the skies and the 747-8 brings the 747 into the twentieth century with performance and comfort that can't be matched with the competition.

I can't wait to see the 747-8 fly and to be a passenger on the Intercontinental.

Tim (Batimore Md):

Thank you for posting my comment on the windows of the 747.

I know the cost and engineering to change the windows and the size to be more like the 787 is not what I was talking about in my post.

I understand that Boeing at this point can't change the aluminum window frames, what I was talking about is the inside interior plastic snap in window cases.

Couldn't Boeing use the 787 style ( more rounder ) plastic window cases on the 747-8I ?

Ludo Van Vooren (Reston, VA):

Great feature for your newairplane.com website. May I make a few suggestions?

1) It is not linked to any menus. Unless you have the direct URL you can't get to it from any of the 747-8 menus

2) Your share button should be bigger and it should include Twitter. You want viral promotion of this cool aircraft? Make it easy for people to share!

3) Create a BoeingNewAircraft Twitter account to spread the word about this kind of new info on the site. I am sure you would get thousands of followers.

Ralph Acosta (San Diego, CA):

The new website is wonderful! But, I too remember a side wall design in the mockup walkthrough video that was very different than the ones featured in the updated photos.

It seems to me that they were more rounded and elegant just like the 787's and the new 737's designs. Why are they going back to the old 747-400 concepts? Is this just temporary while the final design is worked out?
Just wondering.

Tim (Baltimore , Md):

I thank you for the indirect feed back in your 787 post about our comments about the 747, let's hope Boeing will take those comments of those who have posted here into consideration... after all the customer is the market.

A successful company keeps it's ear towards what the market and customer has to say and takes the customer seriously.
Randy I am not sure if this is correct or not, the engineers would have to give their input in to this, but, wouldn't you be able to save more weight on the 747-8I by using the electronic shading windows of the 787 on the 747-8I ?

Those current plastic shades on the 747-8I do have weight if you were to add it all up, and how much more would the 787 windows cost to put them into the 747-8I ?

Also Randy I looked at the interactive of the 747-8I and was shocked that they didn't use carbon fiber panels on the upper wing panels , why Aluminum ... why not carbon fiber panels to save on weight? Would it cost more ?

Ray (california):

The current virtual walkthrough video (at newairplane.com) still shows an entirely different window and side wall design than what is currently shown in this latest interactive website. It's my understanding that the new windows on the 747-8i were to be as big or bigger than the 777's. Also, the window shades in this latest mockup are indeed a surprise.

Why would they (the designers or marketing dept.) do this? It seems to me that if Boeing really wanted to create a "not your father's 747" experience for its customers, they would adopt a truly new design to blow potential buyers out of the water. Please, Boeing, go back to your original concepts!

Rob (Sin City Nevada):

Response to Tim (Baltimore, Md).
Actually, I remembered the new queen will have the 777 windows.

Rob (Sin City Nevada):

Very nice, anticipate to hitch a ride with the great queen in the near future, maybe with Cathay Pacific and Air France.
Noticed that Air France is keeping their 747 a bit longer with the newly painted livery, and Cathay Pacific is still using the 747 in their fleet.

Hopefully, all current 747 operator will become the new queen's operator.

Tim (Batimore . Md):

In response to Ron for Nevada ,

Let's hope Randy and Boeing will clear this up.
Yes, I do remember the first pictures and concepts of the 747-8I and that they said that the windows would be larger and how the ( Randy listen to the market and customers please ) more elegant, more rounder windows of the 787 would look great on the 747-8I. after all. Didn't Boeing tell us that they were going to use inspired ideas from the 787, right Randy

Also, would it or would it not cut some weight from the 787-8I if they were to use the electric windows from the 787 on the 747-8I? All those old plastic 70s ish window shades would have some weight to it if you were to add it all up, right Randy?

Riza Arshad (Jakarta, Java Indonesia):

Can't wait to see the real one in a piece and fly!

Nam Vo Ba (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam):

I think the B747-8 solve the right issue of aviation, because no one needs big aircraft, it'll be too risky not being able to fill the bigger A380 and also require maintenances for a larger runway and terminal, ... So I think a smaller, but greener, quiter and much more comfortable jumbo jet do the job. But a re-designed in window shades would be nice, what happened that make you fit the B747-8 with smaller and cheaper shades? While the B787 passengers are enjoying their electronic, expensive window shades: with a click, you can brighten or darken your window, which seems to be interesting, its big brother B747-8 stuck with the old-fashioned windows with some cheap plastic things used as window shades, althought there's a button (I think) to move the blind up and down but I think this can really be considered by you. One more thing is that your cockpit is also a bit out-dated, because without warning, if you compared the cockpit of the B787 with the B747-8i cockpit, you'd think this is the original B747 cockpit design: the real problem is that the B747-8 was born AFTER the B787 and it got everything cheaper than the B787. Lastly, the under-carriage: i got a chance to fly with Lufthansa B747-8i and during the landing, things are a bit shaky, i don't know if it's the pilot's err or what, but i think that the string should solve the rest of the job. If you (Randy) can solve all of my commands, the Queen of the sky will be the best aircraft in the sky (or at least to me!!!)

P.S: these are NOT COMPLAINT, just COMMANDS!!!

Long live B747-8!!!!

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