Great gig in the sky

I’m heading to Singapore, but before I leave for the air show, I wanted to point you to some great new material about 787 flight testing.

Clearly the Dreamliner is the subject of intense interest right now. And many of you have been asking for some time whether Boeing plans to launch a site on the Web dedicated to updating progress with flight test.

Well, this week we did just that, with a new 787 Dreamliner Flight Test site. There’s a lot of great features on the site, including “Flight Test 101” and a way to track the paths of ZA001 and ZA002.


Click on the image above to go to the 787 flight test site and view the stall test video featuring Chief Pilot Mike Carriker.

With the launch of the new site, we’re also giving a first look at “stall tests” on the Dreamliner.

During the testing pilots reduce power to both engines and then recover normal flight speeds. We’ll be doing many more of these stall tests as flight test progresses.


A couple of screen images from the video now posted on the 787 Dreamliner Flight Test site. During stall tests pilots slow the airplane down to the point where it actually shakes, resulting in 1.5 g-forces.

The testing went very well. As described in the video, it’s a way to demonstrate that in the rare event a pilot encounters a stall during flight, the airplane reacts benignly and recovers smoothly.

It’s a great gig, and as Mike Carriker puts it, “great fun.”

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P.Sumantri (France):

It is good to see all materials concerning the 787 are now accessible through one portal. I noticed that the 787 milestones have been integrated there too.

Nice work. I now know that I can go there to get updated and validated information about the flight test.

P.Sumantri (France):

Wait a minute! He's playing roller coaster during four hours and gets paid for it?

dcrainmaker (Washington DC):

Any chance you could have the appropriate groups make the 787 site consumable via RSS readers? Right now it's kinda clunky and could easily reach a wider audience more often if it were simply switched to posts (which it appears halfway done now).

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

I like the new website and the videos, now it is easy to keep up with the process of the testing and development of the 787.

Greg (San Jose, CA):

To dcrainmaker: There is an RSS feed already. If you use FireFox, just click on the RSS icon to the far right-hand side in the URL box.

Azamiruddin (Kedah, Malaysia):

People now has all the confidence with Boeing products. Yes, all progress of anything can be access by anyone anywhere in the world. People now cannot make their own judgement by listening to rumors anymore. Boeing now has all the facts on the web.

p/s: see you in Singapore. :)

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