New year dreams

Welcome to 2010.

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the year than with some spectacular air-to-air photos of the continuing flight testing of the 787 Dreamliner since last month’s first flight.


ZA001 bathed in sunset light over downtown Seattle. Click on the photo for a larger view of this great shot of the Dreamliner on a recent test flight.


Clearer skies over the Puget Sound area have certainly given us some remarkable photo ops during ongoing test flights.

As you probably know, a total of six Dreamliners will make up the flight test fleet. We plan to log more than 3,000 hours of flying time prior to certification.

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Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Great pictures of the 787s flying, I look forward to see the 787 complete the testing process and enter service this year.

I think 2010 will be a good year for Boeing with the 787 going into service and the 747-8 making its first flight soon.

Azamiruddin (Kedah, Malaysia):

Excellent way to end the year 2009, and a marvellous remarkable memory to start the year 2010...

Congratulation B787 production...and please make the year 2010 more memorable by bringing 747-8 to the sky as well...

The worlds is waiting for the biggest Boeing aircraft ever made, to be in the air.

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.
Now that the 787's are flying, we get to see this new aircraft from never-before-seen angles.


If I owned a passenger airline service, I would hang those pictures on my wall and call it my "Big Dream Makers". Congratulations to your customers who share the dream. They will succeed. Keep em coming!

Don Harrington (Bellevue, WA):

Great pictures, Randy! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work!

Chris C (South Africa):

These photos of the super-efficient 787 Dreamliner are simply stupendous, thank you! The 787 will, without a doubt, be the icon of 21st Century air-travel, just as the 747 was the icon of 20th Century air-travel.

This is going to be an exciting year as flight testing for the 747-8F is set to commence soon as well, and with delivery of both the 787 and 747-8F towards the end of the year, there's plenty of excitment in store for this year for the two development programs. It'll be an exciting journey ahead, and I wish you and Boeing all the very best.

David Parker Brown (Lynnwood, WA):

What an amazing plane and an amazing city!

Thanks for sharing.

Thiagarajan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Happy New Year 2010 and what a spectacular way to kick-off. Looking forward 787; 747-8 and other Boeing products.
All the Best!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Wow! Beautiful, thanks!

Looking forward to more of this and, of course - when you're ready, the maiden flight of the Boeing 747-8F Jumbo Jet!

Dave (Auckland, New Zealand):

I cant wait to see the first one arrive in New Zealand with the Air New Zealand livery, This is an amazing aircraft. Congrats to you and the team that has made this happen..

Manny Smyle (MetroManila, Philippines):

It's great to see pictures of the Dreamliner finally flying! I've been following its development on the internet for years and the wait is finally over. I just love it!

Roland Ohaeri (Lagos, Nigeria):

Now the 787 has flown, the Dreamliner is a reality. Africa can't wait to have this Dream Lining their skies..Ethiopian, Kenya Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Air Seychelles...great good step there for Boeing. Let's have more of these positives!

Angel (Murcia (Spain)):


Fantastics pictures, the Dreamliner in the air is really amazing.


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