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I must say I’m a bit blown away by the response to the first flight of the 747-8 Freighter, but on the other hand, I’m not surprised either, since this airplane has a very special place in my heart as well.

Some of you (on the other side of the globe) commented that you stayed up very late to watch the flight live on the Web. Others simply used words such as “wow,” “magnificient,” “awesome,” “phenomenal.”

Well, I couldn’t agree more.


Many of you asked for air to air and gear up photos. Here you get both!

By the way, you can read a good accounting of the pilots’ press briefing after first flight here.

And we’ve also made available a video of first flight. My favorite moment in the video is just after takeoff when the airplane disappears into the clouds.

It’s magical.

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Greg (San Jose, CA):

Hi Randy, could you post a photo or two from the front or rear direction, please? I'm sure there are other people like me, who are interested in seeing the degree of wing flex.

Ankih Fre (Seattle WA):

Finally the latest 747 first flight. A day before my birthday and the 41 anniversary of the first flight of the first 747.
Lets hope no more delays for the 747-8 even if it means delays for the 787.

Tim (Baltimore, Md):

Randy ?

What's with the Boeing Bounce when the 747-8F landed ? ....
Congratulations to Boeing and all the team...

Jonathon Whitehead (Ridley Park, PA):

I have never seen such a breathtaking photo as one sent to me of the -8F and Mt. Rainier in the background. It made me want to re-join BCA. Congrats to those hard working folks in Everett!

Keep up the good work Randy.

Noel (Mukilteo):

Still the Queen of the skies doesnt get sexier than that.

What a great time to be in the Airplane Business !!!

Don Harrington (Bellevue, WA):

Great photos, Randy. Yes, it was magical. Thanks for keeping us all so well informed and for satisfying our photo 'itch'.

PB (Everett, WA):

She's back, folks...Queen of the Skies! Gorgeous airplane!

Chris C (South Africa):

Absolutely beautiful! The 747-8 is the pinnacle of airborne elegance and excellence, period!

Barun Majumdar (Seattle, WA, USA):

The big flying bird looks truly amazing and majestic with her nimble, aerodynamic feature.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Others simply used words such as “wow,” “magnificient,” “awesome,” “phenomenal.”

Shiny and New. And ready to kick some butt! Remarkable.

Richard M (New South Wales):

ANOTHER gigantic milestone for the Queen of the Sky !

THANKS Randy for the AWESOME photos of the GREAT flight of the sky's star performer !

Spectacular video from Boeing Creative Services.
I also liked the disappearance into cloud. That was ETHEREAL which means "extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world".
Other auspicious moments were the opening with the sunrise and bird; the cheering crowds; and Chief Pilot Mark and Captain Thomas.

Yes Tim the tail does bounce around on landing in the video.

Happy Birthday Ankih Fre !

I enjoyed reading the comments by Greg, Noel, Don, PB, Barun, P Sumantri, Mamang tsuper, Tim, Nancy, Jedicator, Jason, John, Paulo, R, Hernan, Oliver, Ken, Angel, Ike, Kevin, Steve, Norman, TF, Thiagarajan, Azamiruddin.

The best comments are, as always, from Chris C ! Period :)

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Congrats to the reining queen of the skies. I like the pictures taken with a great blue and white harmony with the planes blue tail and white fuselage and the backgrounds white clouds and snow and the blue sky.

Tim (Baltimore , Md):

In response to Richard in New South Wales..

I meant the bounce when it landed.
The nose gear touched once then went up again a few feet then came back down finally.

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