I gotta feeling

SINGAPORE - I just finished up my 2nd Singapore Air Show. What a week!

Things for me got started with the ATW (Air Transport World) awards. Air New Zealand took home the big prize, “Airline of the Year, and Air Tran Airways won the “Airline Market Leadership Award.”

Perhaps the highlight of the ATW event was the amazing sight of Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe, up on stage taking part in a “haka,” the traditional Maori dance ceremony.


Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe (on the right in the foreground) does a haka at the ATW Awards in Singapore. Photo courtesy: Air Transport World

At my press briefing on Tuesday, I faced a crowd of more than 70 journalists from around the globe. Their questions hit upon virtually all aspects of the market and our business. Of particular interest was the 787 flight test program, the latest on the 747-8, the outlook for the Asian market, what’s new with China, the potential 737 re-engining and where we stand on future 777 development. I also addressed a few questions on the threat of sanctions over the U.S. government sales of weapons to Taiwan.

I spent the later part of the week here with customers, analysts, investors and more media.

Reflecting on the show and all the great conversations here, what’s very clear is that Boeing (and Airbus) will face some stiff new competition in the airplane and services markets. Of course for us specifically, this year will continue to be one in which all eyes are on the prize – two very important development programs and simultaneous flight test and certification as we move toward first deliveries of the 787 and 747-8.

I’d also sum up that just as clearly the market is coming back. And you might say “I gotta feeling” that Asia will lead that recovery.

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Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

lol - I know the haka - a prominent feature of the New Zealand Rugby team. Certainly something seeing a business leader there doing it - pretty cool!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

I am glad that the economy in Asia is turning around and getting better, hopefully the rest of the world markets will match up soon. I like the talk about the 737 and 777 improvements.

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