Sky blue

The first flight of the 747-8 Freighter took place under such gorgeous weather conditions that we’ve had the opportunity to see some spectacular photography - from both the professionals and the hobbyists.

I think some of the coolest photos I’ve seen actually came from our own Boeing employees.

I wanted to share two such amazing shots - beginning with this extraordinary image captured by Tom Prettyman as the 747-8 flew directly over his home in Stanwood, Washington, which is just north of Everett.


The 747-8 on its first flight with two chase planes in perfect formation. (Tom Prettyman photo)

Tom, who works in BCA Core Engineering, tells me he snapped the shot above just as the airplanes soared out of a huge cloud - the same cloud those who watched from Paine Field saw them disappear into right after takeoff.

Another incredible angle on first flight (below) is captured by Anthony Ponton, a Marketing project director and one of my colleagues on the yearly Current Market Outlook.


The airplane heads north, offering a crisp view of the wings, gear and the “747-8” painted on the belly. (Anthony Ponton photo)

Anthony staked out a position at the Future of Flight Center at the north end of the Paine Field runway - because he wanted to capture a shot of the airplane flying overhead just after takeoff. He says he was fortunate to catch the airplane between clouds, so that in the picture it looks like a beautiful sky blue day.

And that it was.

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Umm, looks like that 747 and chase planes are heading straight into the ground. Maybe you should turn that photo around.

Chris C (South Africa):

Simply superb! I love the photo of the phenomenal 747-8F from Tom Prettyman! It really shows the beautiful, sleek sweep of the raked-wingtips very well. The 747-8's wing is nicely shown in this photo as well...Mach 0.92 here we come!

Thiagarajan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

747-8..Beauty at its Best.

Keith Warth (Sydney Australia):


I have to agree. great shots of a great aircraft.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

I like the top picture of the 747, the sky is so clear that it almost looks like a blue screen. The title on the belly is reminiscent of Emirates and Arkia with their titles on the belly of their aircraft.

R Presley (Everett WA):

Someone needs some up and forward arrows for Picture 1. Great shots by the way.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

These are great! I know I've mentioned it here before, but I just have to say that the engine pylons on the -8 look so much more graceful and sleek than the bulky ones on the -400. They say you can judge a person's age by the condition of their hands. I think this is true of the -400.

Jonathan (Scotland):

Anthony's my uncle!!! Brilliant photos...

Carl (Long Beach):

The shot is beautiful!
Love the segue with Peter Gabriel's "Sky Blue".
I have many song from Peter Gabriel this one is awesome. Sent the link to a friend who is on travel for the company - I think he'll like it. Your blog is creative and witty.

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