April 1

I just had to share a few links - and there may be others out there - to some April Fool’s Day gags from our customers:

Flying trailer

Onboard vending machines

Inflight Clapper technology


Southwest Airlines “launched” T7 on April 1, the “next thing” in cargo accommodations.

Especially after the year we’ve been through, it’s always a good sign when our industry can have some fun.

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Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

The trailer with wings might still have the aerodynamics of a TV set and will be unstable in flight and at beat kill range with its drag but it is a lot cheaper than spending millions on a plane that does the same thing.

I like inboard vending machines but they are so heavy but hey, just put it in the center of the cabin and use reinforcement.

With all the time spent checking in and going through security you're tired and the last thing you want to do is reach for the lamp and air conditioning vent especially after putting the luggage on the overhead bin. Using the clapper will mean that you are freezing yourself when the lamp is on but at least you can rest.

Happy April Fools Day... wait this was written on April 2nd.

Howard Smith (Taneytown, MD USA):

Do you have any info on when the FAA test pilots and FTEs will begin flying any of the a/c?

When will a/c 3 fly again?

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