As you may have noticed, we’ve just launched a remodeled

I think you’ll find it engaging and inviting for a couple of reasons. First, our new Boeing “home page” is going to be a place where we’ll be featuring our people and customers - as well as our technology. We haven’t really done that before, and this is an important shift.

We feel that it’s our Boeing people and our partners that make Boeing and our industry successful. So we’re looking forward to telling their stories.


You can click the image above to go to the new home page.

Second, visitors to our website can now easily share our content across their social networks. All that’s going to take is a click on many of our pages - a direct path to nearly 300 networks. Sharing our content through even a few of those, means that stories about Boeing will circle the globe like never before.

As with any renovation project, it may be a challenge at first finding where things are. But don’t worry, all of the content from the previous version of is still there.

The prominent images that you will now see on the Boeing home page and our business unit home pages are clickable. They lead to new feature stories - which will be archived for easy access in the future.

In terms of navigation - the links that you used to find on either side of our pages are now found in drop-down menus near the top of a page. You can scroll your cursors over a menu heading to find what you’re searching for - such as our products pages.

We also have a kind of “ticker” with links to current news releases scrolling across our home pages, as well as below the story images and above links to other page sections. An RSS button for subscribing to the releases is attached to the scroll box.

So, take some time with the new pages and then let us know what you think. Improving our website means we can better interact with the world. It’s the start of what we hope will be a wider, more productive two-way dialogue.

Comments (9)

James (Honolulu, Hawaii):

Much better-looking than the old site.

P.Sumantri (France):

It's simple and humble. I like it.

Gina (Seattle, Washington):

I did some looking around and WOW!!! The website looks awesome! It is very easy to navigate and find stuff. I will have to look at it again on my personal time because there are so many eye appealing things to look at, I could be looking all day.

Steve Richardson (St Louis MO):

"As with any renovation project, it may be a challenge at first finding where things are. But don’t worry, all of the content from the previous version of is still there." It's an odd thing to have only 2 links prominent on the new home page, then: BCA and BDS. So, I thought, I'll have to use the pull-down at the top of the page...but no, that only adds 2 more organizations, Boeing Capital and SSG. Where is Boeing Research and Technology? Why are those of us not in the Fab Four forced to hunt for our own parts of the Company? At least give us some hints about where to start!

Victor T (Santa Clara, CA):

Love the new website. Much better than the old one. Congrats!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Very well done, I like it, it is well organized. I like that Randy's Journal is on the front page so more people can look, read and correspond to the news, information and analysis from Boeing.

Thiagarajan (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Wonderful website...Congrats!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Nice, refreshing departure from the old one. Joining Twitter - and with such a strong presence for the company's two main units and corporate office - is indicative of that social network's ability and speed to spread news around the world - and into/from space (@Astro_Soichi) - as it happens.

This journal might need a link too ;)

Jets (Johannesburg, RSA):

I have used the Boeing website, for many years (around 8 years) as an example of a bad website - now I have to re-valuate that statement.

I can see huge leaps of improvement in this new site, but I can still see, lack of focus, with regards to how to deal with the customer base (aka user), of the website rather than the Boeing customer base (airlines/gov).

I have seen what is required of the fans, the aviation engineer, the account paying for the aircraft, and the media side of promoting both Boeing and where the products are used.

The website needs to help the user, rather than the user figure it out.

A sitemap, - the one I cant find - would help, if it is overlaid with a view for the user, and what they want and need, rather than the company divisions. If they want the boring parts, they can dig for that or been the 'Investor' they can find those numbers they need to investor, if they have a site map matching thier needs.

Many sites fail, to meet the user needs, and try to meet the company division and boardroom idea's, if a site get more search engine reference, than from the front page, then you have failed the UX (user experience).

So I look forward to 2.1 or 2.2 or however long it takes to get it right.

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