GoldCare launch

This week, we launched 787 GoldCare service with Europe-based TUI Travel PLC.

GoldCare provides support to 787 operators that aligns with the new, advanced technology Dreamliner - and it also leverages the e-enabled capabilities built into the airplanes.

We think it’s a great innovation that improves our ability to provide value-added support and we welcome TUI as our launch customer.

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Does the GoldCare package cover all the maintenance there is to be done on the airplane covered by the service? I ask because as I read on this post, it says it provides support to operators. If that's the case, I think that is just a great tool for airlines to have where their concern with the B787 will be to carry the schedules of flying passengers from point A to point B and not worry about the big maintenance issues with the plane. I compare it to buying a car and the dealer providing all the schedule maintance and oil changes (including tires changes). I just worry about putting gas in the tank and driving it carefully for a long and pleasant service life, (in the case of the B787, a productive and efficient service life).

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Congrats to TUI Travel PLC for launching 787 GoldCare, hopefully they will be the first of many airlines to use 787 GoldCare for maintenance and support. The cooperation between manufacturer and customer is the best way to insure quality safety and reliability of a product.

Daniel (Hong Kong, Hong Kong):

Just saw Boeing's brand-new website!

It is a much brighter, cleaner and modern one than it used to be~!

It's also simpler to use, more categorized!


I just love it!

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