Jet City

If you happen to commute to and from Seattle south of downtown, my guess is you’ve noticed the giant new “wallscape” billboard that just went up along I-5.

For those of you who don’t live in the area, take a look:


The side of a building in Seattle’s International District has been transformed into a giant “Jet City” billboard. (Alaska Airlines photo)

Alaska Airlines leased the side of a historic building that’s never been used for ad space before. Alaska says the billboard is a way to communicate pride in operating an all-Boeing fleet of 737s, as well as to thank the many Puget Sound Boeing employees who not only design and build the airplanes, but fly them as customers.

Needless to say, with Alaska Airlines right in our own back yard, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have our hometown partner be “Proudly all Boeing.”

More than 130,000 vehicles a day will drive past the 30- by 60-foot (9.1 by 18.3 meters) advertisement. Alaska has the space reserved for 12 months. The Boeing and Alaska partnership ad will remain up for three of those months.

The airline also leases a wallscape in Portland, Oregon, another city where we both enjoy close ties.

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Steve Atkins (Douglas WY 82633):

WOW! Cooooooooool!!!!
Great billboard.

Joe Fernandez (Austin Texas):

Where can I get a poster of this??

Devin (Renton, WA):

They actually had a similar billboard up in Renton last year (which is appropriate given their 737 plant). The current location makes great sense too given the recent announcement of Alaska as the official airline for the Seattle Mariners. What a great concept! I proudly fly AK Air whenever I can.

Chris (Seattle, WA):

I will be proudly flying Alaska Airlines tomorrow morning.

Jason (Seattle Washington):

I would have put "Proudly All Boeing" at the top in big letters. I have never thought of Seattle as "Jet City"... and I'm a Boeing junkie. "Jet City"??? Where did that come from???

A.R. (Seattle, WA):

Great move by Alaska Air.

Cheryl Wilson (Renton, WA):

That's awesome! Thank you Alaska Airlines!!!

Gary Gerfen (Ft. Greely, Alaska):

Alaska Airlines is a great customer and team mate for Boeing. Their committment to flying an all Boeing fleet and displaying that on their airplanes is great for Boeing. I hope in the future they expand their route structures that will require a few 787's.

Their innovative approach to the special paint schemes applied to some of their 737's is awesome.

As a Boeing employee I am also proud to be the husband of a 20 year Alaska Airlines employee - thanks Amy!

robbops (everett, wa.):

"Jet City"??? Where did that come from???...IT CAME FROM THE 60'S!!!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

You cant go wrong being an all Boeing airline in the town of Boeing. Congrats and thanks to Alaska Airlines.

Lonnie (Everett):

For Jason in Seattle and to echo what robbops said, "Jet City" is a moniker that's been around a long time. Long before "The Emerald City." As a Washington native in my 50's, I've heard that term used since I was a little kid. It's great to see it in print. Large print! Let's bring it back for good! Thank you Alaska Airlines.

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