Captains "fantastic"

Just the other day we had the very first customer crew flying a 787 Dreamliner - pilots from launch customer ANA flew ZA001 for about 2 and a half hours over Washington state - and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to show you a bit more from the flight.


The ANA demonstration flight taxiing at Boeing Field, and taking off - breaking through overcast skies at 10,000 feet.

Capt. Masayuki Ishii, ANA’s director of 787 pre-operations planning and Capt. Masami Tsukamoto, ANA’s manager of 787 project pilots, took turns at the controls.


Capt. Ishii and Capt. Carriker relax in the flight deck between missions.

The ANA pilots were accompanied on the flight by Capt. Mike Carriker, chief 787 pilot for Boeing Test & Evaluation and Capt. Christine Walsh, who is assisting on the 787 flight test program.

Also along for the ride was Scott Fancher, vice president and general manager of the 787 program and Mike Sinnett, vice president and 787 chief project engineer.


Capt. Tsukamoto at the controls in flight.

This was what we call a “customer demonstration” flight. Both pilots did some normal flight and training maneuvers including multiple takeoffs and climbs as well as descent and landings to give them a chance to “feel” how the airplane performs and to evaluate the Dreamliner for themselves.

They also ran some emergency procedures such as single engine operations.


An incredible view of the wing and engine through the 787’s large window. The ANA flight took the pilots over central Washington and to Moses Lake for multiple landings. Each pilot did 3 takeoffs and landings.

The flight was conducted under a special FAA airworthiness certificate. During the flight, Capt. Carriker (who served as pilot in command on the flight) showed the ANA pilots, who are both rated on the 777, the similarities and differences between the two airplanes.


At the end of a successful flight, the crew emerges - Capt. Mike Carriker (left), Capt. Ishii and Capt. Tsukamoto.

You can check out a feature story and video about the flight at As you’ll learn, both Capt. Ishii and Capt. Tsukamoto described their flight as “fantastic.”

I’m sure it was!

Comments (7)

JAHC (Monterrey, MX):

I definitely envy those guys. Keep up the good work Boeing!

Thomas Horstmann (Portland, Oregon):

The video clip tells you something about the plane, as both pilots were beaming after their DREAMLINER encounter.

Daniel Tsang (Hong Kong):

Since this is a customer demonstration flight, so am I right in pointing out that these 2 flying hours will not be counted in the 3,100 hours certification program?

I would love to see 787s flying "customer demonstration flights" around the world after the completion of the FAA & EASA certification programs!

P.Sumantri (France):

What was the temperature that day? They were quite casual.
I'm sure Mr. Carriker said, "It was a kinda cool flight!"

Randy Tinseth:


That's correct the ANA hours do not count toward certification. But it was certainly a very worthwhile mission.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

The aviation equivalent of a test drive for a new costumer. This must have been an incredible flight for the visiting pilots from ANA and Capt. Carriker.

Victor Hugo Calvin (GoiĆ¢nia,Brazil):

Captain Carriker,you are my idol

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