Rocky Mountain high

I guess you could say it’s been a busy week for the 4th Dreamliner - ZA004 has been down in the desert and up in the mountains.


Pikes Peak overlooks ZA004 as it arrives for testing in Colorado.

ZA004 has been in Colorado Springs for the past couple of days for “high-field-elevation” tests.

Over the weekend the same airplane was at a lower elevation at a hot weather airport in Mesa, Arizona.


Lower and drier desert mountains greeted ZA004 during testing over the past weekend in Mesa.

A crew of nearly 75 is supporting the airplane during this phase of testing.

For an update on flight hours and other news you can always check 787 Flight Test.

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Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Great pictures - especially against that natural beauty! Great plane.

Robert Dumas (El Segundo, CA, USA):

It is very exciting and interesting to hear about the 787 flight testing developments as they progress through these extreme locales with the CONUS. Very soon, all the travelers throughout the US (and world) will see this aircraft as a permanent fixture during their travels.

Much of this success is due to the hard work and dedication from the 787 design, manufacturing and flight test teams as they go through their plan and make things happen seamlessly...Great job!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Very spectacular shot as the colors compliment each other. I am sure all those people in the background are thrilled to see the 787, many for the first time.

Chris C (South Africa):

I'm thrilled to see that the super-efficient 787 has logged more than 860hours as of 28th May 2010! Good to see that the pace of flight-testing is accelerating and gaining momentum, daily! Can't wait to see the GEnx-powered 787s in the air soon, as well!
It'll be simply stupendous if Boeing opts to fly the 787 to Johannesburg, South Africa in the coming months on part of a world-tour demonstration flight, if indeed there's one planned? We're at 5,558ft here at FAJS, and our summer temperatures soar to well over 30C, so perhaps some "hot and high" testing at FAJS, as well as a sales' campaign or two, could be done here? :)

Thanks for the updates, Randy. All the best for the on-going flight-testing of the 787, and the 747-8!

Robert Denney (Wheaton, Il):

It would be good to have an article on the new wing design. They seem to bend way up in flight which seems to be very different from older designs.

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