Now this is a great way to end the week.

We’ve just learned that our Commercial Airplanes Communications & Marketing team has won a 2010 Silver Anvil award from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

The award is for Boeing’s planning and execution of events surrounding the first flight of the 787 Dreamliner in December.


At the Silver Anvil ceremony in New York. From left, John Vadino, CEO of The Production Network, which helped Boeing manage the live webcast and logistics for first flight, Yvonne Leach, 787 communications director, and Lori Gunter, 787 communications manager.

As you may remember, we had some 12,000 employees and guests on the flightline in Everett that chilly morning, along with a milion people watching via the Web and at first flight virtual events around the world.


The airplane, and the crowds.

It took the work of hundreds of volunteers to pull off the successful first flight events - a great job by all.

This award is a really big deal in the public relations and marketing worlds - and I want to deliver my personal congratulations to the winning team!

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Chris C (South Africa):

Congratulations! A sterling job, well done!

Daniel Tsang (Hong Kong):

Congratulations to Boeing's Communications Team~!

Their superb work always deserves this prestigious award!

They are always responding in a very detailed, timely manner.

They didn't even let me down once. Their answers are always satisfactory!


Really Great Job!

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Congratulations of the Silver Anvil award, never have so many people witnessed the first flight of a new aircraft.

Bill Murray (NYC):

Winning an Anvil means that a team of judges representing a "Who's Who" list of executives in the public relations profession were impressed by your work - and deemed it best in class. Congratulations for earning this weighty honor.


Their superb work always deserves this prestigious award!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

This is awesome! Stayed up late to watch that - the maiden flight of the 787 and that of the 747-8F. That media work certainly puts the spotlight on innovation/creation. Very inspiring, great work.

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