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Back in January, we had a great response to a couple of blogs pointing to our new “Design Highlights” interactive sites on - for the 787 Dreamliner, and the 747-8.

We’ve just launched a similar feature focused on the Next-Generation 737.


To view the Next-Generation 737 Design Highlights site you can click on either image above.

I think you’ll find these pages do an excellent job of telling the story of the continuous innovation that goes into the Next-Generation 737 - the advanced technology, proven performance and productivity, the enhanced passenger experience and environmentally progressive features that make this a best-selling commercial airplane.

I’d be curious to know what you think.

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Andrew W. (Seattle, WA):

With the Next Gen enhancements, I'd be curious to see how the 737 stacks up to the proposed A320 upgrades.

Oh, and I really like the new Sky interior.

David Parker Brown (Seattle, WA):

Hey Randy, this looks great! I am curious if this looking is going to be something that Boeing forces or pushes for customers or will airlines still be able to opt to get cheaper (and not so fancy) interiors?

Even now, there is a big difference stepping on a non-NextGen 737 vs a NextGen one. I hope that same feeling is felt with the NextNextGen.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Nice video of the 737s proposed interior, the new cabin looks airy and modern.

Tim K (Georgetown Ont):

Boeing is simply the best when it comes to marketing and advertising plus every company in the world can learn a thing or two from Boeing on how to properly setup a web site. However being a passenger and having flown in both the 737 and 320 class aircraft no amount of flashy graphics can hide the fact that the Airbus 320 is superior in terms of passenger room, noise levels and comfort. In my opinion Boeing will need to do a radical rethink and design of the 737 family to compete in the future; perhaps the Boeing engineers should walk across the hall and speak to the marketing dept for ideas...

Daniel Ding (Toronto, ON):

That is one heck of a good looking website! I agree, the new Sky Interior refreshes the whole aircraft from the passenger perspective. Looking good!

Jim Hasstedt (Everett, WA, USA):

In a word: cool !

Ben (Minneapolis):


Loved the new website, but you should check the image you have of the new overhead bins. The icon, under "new flying experience" talks about pivot bins. But the image just shows a bin that is currently used on the 737. I think someone put up the wrong picture.

Can't wait to fly on one of these new 737's. The Sky interior looks great!

tf (az):

Maybe I missed the 'key message' in the differences, but aside from the pretty blue lighting in the center of the aisle...what is so unique?

I like the 737 a lot, but is this just more razmataz from Marketing?

Randy Tinseth:

@ Ben: Good catch on the pivot bins image. We will correct that.

Mike (Central Mass.):

Love the new interior but there's one thing. Those tiny drop-down LCD's. UGH!!

There's a reason I fly JetBlue and it's not because it's an Airbus. It's because I have my own TV screen right in front of me. It makes the trip go faster.

I know, it's an airline's decision, but your promotions should show individual screens.

Cristiano (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil):

Dear Randy:

I'd like to know if the windows (outside) have been changed to 767-400ER standard, with round edges, because it is the impression I have to see the new interior window contours/frames. By the way they look highly neat! Hope to become an operator of such a jet. It is breathtaking. Congratulations for posting those highlights.

Immanuel M. Karatarakis (London, UK):

Randy, that's a great interior. But maybe it's time for you guys to consider a replacement for this iconic aircraft and have the edge over EADS' A320 which is soooooo old as an aircraft.

P.S. When will you join Twitter?

Tom (Germany):


do you ever fly business/economy class? I never saw bins filled up like in the video! No coats? No ladies?

When do you need this cold morning light?
How often do you need this feature on a 737?
A well orchestrated "Good Morning", "Paxs, you may move".... after "Fasten your seat belt" and "Close the windows"?

BTW: There are some hotels that offer this type of illumination (instead of (more) windows) for a sunrise feeling. I never used it - sunrise takes some too much time!

Did you ever enjoy a sunrise or sunset in a plane?
On a flight to Europe?

Thomas Horstmann (Portland, OR):

Dear Randy,

The 737 has NEVER looked better. But I must agree with Immanuel in that Airbus is up to their eyeballs dealing with the 380, 350 and their transport fiasco, so you could get a huge jump on them by replacing the 737 with something far more efficient and cutting edge.

Being your best selling plane by far, you would dominate the skies for years to come if you were to develop a new family of planes to replace the 737. Same also holds true of the 777, but perhaps there you could do a major upgrade of the line rather than replacing it.

Either way, I can't wait to see what Boeing does next, as clearly there are major decisions to be made concerning future upgrades or replacement projects for both the 737 and 777.

coy (UK):

Please what is boeing doing about the 300 seat segment? I think much more has to be done to that segment apart from refreshed interiors of the 737. What and when is the 777 upgrade/ refresh/whatever going to be feasible?

The 737 as it is can stand its ground. although the space in the A320 is much better, i still prefer the 737 ride simply because i dont have my ears blocked like in most airbus A320.

But most importantly, please you guys have to start marketing the 787-9! Airbus is eating your lunch!

Jun Leido (Calapan City, Philippines):

The new 737 is amazing. It is truly the benchmark in the narrow-body field and the expanding list of innovations have made it not only contemporary, but leading edge with the times.

I appreciate the Airbus A320 line. It is a good aircraft - it is arguably wider and taller. But when I am seated, the difference really blur and it will be the efficiency of the airplane to take to my destination; and the service the airline gives its passengers, which will set make the flying experience.

galen (fallbrook, Calif):

Great site update!I fly 20-25 legs a year on both aircraft. When you fly comparable age aircraft, older or newer B737 or A320, both planes are almost identical. To say one can feel the A320 is wider is ridiculous because it’s just a few inches across six seats and an aisle. I do not book travel based on either aircraft. In fact the fly by wire electrical on the Airbus makes its very noisy and obtrusive on the ground during taxi and takes off. The B737 is much better in turbulence than a A320. Since both aircraft are so close, it comes down to service and cleanliness as to what AIRLINER you like better. To the airlines it comes down to delivery slots and politics!

Abhishek Ravi (india):

it looks amazing...but i guess interiors like these won't be very affordable by a lot of airlines.

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