FARNBOROUGH - Already one day in, and you can see a huge difference between this air show and Paris in 2009.

We’ve seen a lot of order activity vs. virtually none last year, combined with - if this is possible - even more intense interest in our press briefings.

Of course, the 787 Dreamliner here on static display continues to be, as Aviation Week’s Show News put it on Monday, the “star of the show.”


ZA003 on static display here at Farnborough. As one journalist described it to me, the 787 looks “green and keen.”

Yes, at times it seems like it’s all 787, all the time here. We’ve seen a big focus on the Dreamliner in all the air show daily publications as well as the Financial Times, the U.K. press and the news wires.

We started the show with the quiet bang of the Dreamliner’s arrival and it hasn’t let up since. And like Sunday, we hosted guests at the airplane - media, investors and customers. Lots of customers.

I wanted to give you a chance to see what they’re all seeing, so I made a short video inside the Dreamliner here at the show. Take a look:

A good part of my Monday took place once again in the airplane. I’d say I personally saw hundreds of people in three hours or so inside the Dreamliner.

I’m struck by the fact that even though it’s clearly a flight test interior, people are just drawn to the big windows - like nothing they’ve ever seen before on an airplane.

I’m expecting more of the same intense interest in the 787 on Tuesday, the last day of the Dreamliner’s stay here.


The 787 Dreamliner is parked just down the hill from the Boeing chalet.

We started the day with a major press briefing with Commercial Airplanes CEO Jim Albaugh. The headlines coming out of that, I think, focus on our belief that despite some remaining economic uncertainty, we see the market rebounding. Albaugh told reporters we’re going to work hard to stay ahead of our competition and that Boeing is “positioned to regain - and retain - leadership” in our industry.

Albaugh also touched on product development and said that Boeing will set a strategic direction within a few months on further developing the 737 and new airplane designs.

After the briefing, we saw a number of customer announcements, those market “opportunities” alluded to in our title.

The flurry of activity around the Boeing chalet and the media center started with a big announcement from Emirates for 30 777-300ERs.

Here’s a scene from the signing with Emirates:


Seated (l to r): Jim Albaugh; His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group; CEO of GE Engines, David Joyce. Standing (l to r) Marlin Dailey, BCA Vice President, Sales; His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President, United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

We also received a strong re-commitment to the Next-Generation 737 from GE Capital Aviation Services, with an order for 40 airplanes. Lessors are expected to return to the market in a big way this year.

And a Norwegian Air Shuttle order continues that carrier’s expansion in Europe - which makes sense considering what our market outlook forecasts for the role LCCs will play in the resiliency and strength of the market.


GECAS announced an order for 737-800s at the show.

Finally, tonight in London I attended the premier of the IMAX film, Legends of Flight - 400+ people at the reception and screening.

All I can say before concluding this night is that this is definitely an “air show,” in every sense of that phrase. We have some great static and aerial displays. The Super Hornet roared overhead on Monday. That’s always a thrill to experience. EADS/Airbus flew the A400M - and the A380 of course.

And yes, it wouldn’t be an air show without the perspiration factor.

It was 80 or 85 degrees Fahrenheit on the field during the day (27 or so Celsius). In some rooms or buildings the air conditioning worked. In others, well .. not so much. So, you go through several wet and dry cycles throughout the day!

Here’s to hotel dry cleaning services - and I’ll see you on Tuesday.

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Vero Venia (Canada):

Back in March, in my blog entry "Surprise!" I expressed my surprise about the production rate increase of the 777-300ER and speculated that there would be significant orders for the aircraft this year.
With Emirates' 30 777-300ER order, I now understand the reason behind the production increase. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more orders this year.

I am still puzzled by the 747-8 production increase. Things cool down Wednesday at Farnborough, so if you don't announce any 747-8 order on Tuesday then maybe the order will be announced only later this year.

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

Congrats to Emirates and Saudi Arabian on the 777-300ER orders and Norwegian Air Shuttle and GECAS on the 737 orders. I hope to see more orders come to the 787 and the 747-8 at the air show.

I am glad to see the world economy rebounding as this has already resulted in plenty of new orders.

Scott Putnam (Redding, California ):

Hi Randy,

Nice presentation/video. I also saw the BBC's video of the 787: wow - the windows get real, real dark. It is a fantastic illusion of night that should, on long-haul Pacific flights, trick the mind to sleep. It really looked like night!


Matthew Wong (Hong Kong):

Nice work Boeing. We, Hong Kong Aviation fans look forward the 787 visit our Hong Kong International Airport soon.

Good show and best wish there are more order on 787, of course also 737, 747-8 and 777 family as well.

Chris C (South Africa):

Vero Venia:
Whilst I don't expect Boeing to announce any 747-8I/-8F order(s) at Farnborough Airshow (or any orders for the super-efficient 787 at Farnborough either), I'm inclined to believe that there'll be a significant 747-8 order "post-Farnborough"! That's how I perceive the current markets...the 747-8 is eventually going to be a huge success, period.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Fantastic - congrats for the Emirates order of 30 additional 777-300ER's! Huge vote of confidence from a current operator of that amazing aircraft.

The 787 looks great.
When people see what this new aircraft can do, they'll make a conscious decision to fly it.

Surprised at Boeing's use of the most accessible media channels available - namely twitter and youtube. Deepest possible media spread there.

Dean Poole (Renton):

Randy- great blog. Keep us informed.

My primary account these days is GECAS. I spoke to them yesterday and expressed our gratitude for continued confidence in the NextGen. They are great people to work with and it was a pleasure to hear about the order.

Everything about the Airshow sounds great with the exception of a tie and jacket!

Angel (Spain):

Great news!

After these recent years is gratifying to see a recovery in the aviation market, congratulations to Boeing for this orders and hope more 787 & 747 on the way.


Grace Feng Hsu (Kirkland, WA):

So excited! So proud of Boeing & 787 Dreamliner! Many orders ( 160 so far) are very good birthday gifts for Boeing's 94th birthday! Enjoy your CMO!

The success of 787 maiden flight is the foreshadowing of the success of 787!

The success of 787 is the foreshadowing of the success of Boeing!

Congratulations! A lot orders bring HOPE & Prosperity to Boeing and the world!

Abe (London, UK):

I was a bit disappointed by Boeing's offerings today, the first public day of the air show. The only exhibit that was available to see was for the unmanned aircraft. I wish that the rest of the chalet was open to the public and for the 787 or even a 777 to be made available for public viewing. I know that through hearing things whilst waiting in line to see the A380, people were disappointed and were wondering where the 787 was.

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