Revolution -9

We’ve completed firm configuration on the 787-9, the second member of the Dreamliner family.

Firm configuration defines the airplane’s overall capability (structure, propulsion, systems) and allows us together with our suppliers to begin detailed design of parts, assemblies and other systems.


A rendering of the -9 as it will appear in flight.

The 787-9 will have a range of 8,000 to 8,500 nautical miles (14,800 to 15,750 kilometers).

It’s a longer version of the Dreamliner, seating 250-290 passengers, or about 16% more than the 787-8.


A vision of the 787-9 at takeoff.

This is another great program milestone - the result of years of collaboration with our partners and customers.

Now, as detailed designs are completed and released, production can begin, with first delivery of the 787-9 scheduled for late 2013.

Comments (12)

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

The 787-9 makes a nice successor to the A330 and replacement to the 777 or 747 where competition has spurred. The 787-9s capacity and unique long range for what it carries allows for now markets to be opened.

Daniel Ding (Toronto, Ontario):

Great news at Boeing! The 787-9 looks so sleek in the air. I can't wait to see her in person.

Tom Edwards:

I don't understand how you were able to finish the configuration. 004 was in layup earlier this year getting "additional instrumementation" for flight loads survey. I thought that this information was needed by the design engineers before they could comple the -9 configuration. After it went back into the air again, it was used for FAA cerfification work. Most recently, 004 has been layed up once again getting "additional instrumentation". It doesn't seem that the design team ever got the information it needed.

Tom Pang (Hong Kong):

It sounds excellent, but.....
how can you persuade the customers that your plane is going to be delayed for 3 years, which is even more than 787-8?
many (potential) customers cannot wait and they may switch to any other alternative!

warren carrow:

Love the Beatles reference.

Vero Venia (France):

Tom Pang said, "... and they may switch to any other alternative!"

Which one?

Keith Warth (Sydney Australia):


As beautiful as an -8. I can't wait.

Harvey (Everett):

I only have one question.

Do we have firm configuration on the -8 yet? It seems pre-mature to assume this when we are 3 years late on delivery of the first airplane.

robert (Boise ID):

Great work!! When are orders for the 747-8i coming??

Tim (Everett):

When are we starting the -7?

Giovanni Petrolini (CAVA DE' TIRRENI):

Happy birthday 787

Andy (Caldwell, ID):

I see a high return on the 8's engineering as its program risks are retired. To think the 9's will have to tread the same pathway of the unknown is not realistic. The 9 will build on the 8's foundation and add a continuous advancement on technology from the 8's lessons learned bucket. The composite world will advance with new nano technology while Boeing has positioned itself to readily apply and leverage its technology on the 9. Hence a perfect 10.

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