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We’ve posted a great video highlighting the events and accomplishments of the 2nd quarter.

I thought you’d like to take a look if you haven’t already discovered it.


Click above to go to the Boeing Commercial Airplanes 2010 2nd Quarter Highlights video.

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Chris C (South Africa):

The BCA 2010 2nd Quarter Highlights video is excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

Good to see such positive comments from Cathay Pacific Airways regarding the formidable 777-300ER. This airplane clearly is the market leader in the 350-seat market segment, by a large margin as well, and it’s certainly an immensely capable airplane.

Good to see that Cathay Pacific is intending to order an additional 6 -300ERs as they strengthen, and solidify, the 777-300ER as their long-haul and ultra-long-haul fleet bedrock. No doubt Boeing’s eventual radically improved 777-200LRx and -300ERx is going to be simply phenomenal and will see the 777 remaining as the market preferred, high-capacity, long-haul twin in the 300- to 400-seat market for decades to come.

I’m looking very forward to viewing the next two “Quarter Highlights” videos, and hopefully we’ll see some orders for the super-efficient 787 and 747-8I/-8F making it into the highlight video(s)!!

Endy Hodges (Kansas City, KS):


Could you please explain your thoughts about recent Cathay Pacific order for A350-900? It looks like Boeing is losing battle with B777-200ER/LR against that particular model.

Would appreciate your analysis.

Robert Ladner (Everett, Wash):

How fitting you mention Trader Vic's ! As a kid I worked at Trader Vic's downtown Seattle during the summer for the famous Harry Wong (Trder Vic's Mgr). I miss the fabulous food and so does Seattle !

Norman (Long Beach, California, United States):

The future looks very bright again as orders have been picked up at the Farnborough Airshow for the 777 and the 737, the 747-8 Intercontinental becomes assembled and the 787 is not far away from entering airline service.

I dont see Boeing as loosing the battle with the 777-200LR/777W as Emirates recently purchased the 777-300ER but I think the key is to develop an advanced version as time goes on as was done with the 737 Next Generation over the Classic.

David; Sydney, Australia:

A lot of Americans seem to be missing the point with the 747-8 and why so few airlines have signed up that are 747-400 operators. Has anyone ever mentioned the engines. There is a story floating about how BA might be a customer. The issue for them as for Qantas is probably engines. How did Boeing get locked into a contract like they have with GE? Sorry America but Rolls Royce engines are the technology many airlines want

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